Death Toll Increases after East Harlem Building Explosion

Six people have died from a suspected gas explosion that tore through a Manhattan building.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Death Toll Increases after East Harlem Building Explosion
America's total. The location of the deadly explosion here in Manhattan is still very active scene crews working through -- the night. Likely a natural gas blast that turned to five story apartment buildings. From -- -- -- At least six people are now dead several more missing and dozens of people are hurt ABC's Devin Dwyer has the latest from the scene good morning -- Eight desperate search for the missing. After a massive explosion leveled 25 story buildings in New York city's Harlem neighborhood. Just before 9:30 in the morning. Residents described -- -- popping blast that blew out windows collapsed ceilings and sent residents fleeing for safety. Our hearts go out to all the families involved. We're spending every effort to locate each and every loved one from the rubble incredible stories of survival Colin Paterson was inside a piano shop on the ground floor when the explosion hit channels all over me. They were the -- pull off the ground. And actually on its side -- That probably helped me to. It evoked memories of 9/11 bill investigators have fingered a very different culprit. -- natural gas which some residents reported smelling just minutes before -- ignited. We all know -- Gas leaks -- -- would receive all all these things. Allowed to have. So it's not a surprise it's very important thing now its -- More than sixty people were treated at local hospitals for mostly minor injuries but doctors and several pieces for -- life threatening. Investigators are focused on an eight inch gas main that that both buildings. And the possibility that the old cast iron pipeline may have been weakened during this harsh winter. -- -- --

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{"id":22893007,"title":"Death Toll Increases after East Harlem Building Explosion","duration":"3:00","description":"Six people have died from a suspected gas explosion that tore through a Manhattan building.","url":"/WNN/video/death-toll-increases-east-harlem-building-explosion-22893007","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}