Death toll rising in wildfire disaster

In Oregon, tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated, and the fires have destroyed thousands of structures. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.
3:00 | 09/11/20

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Transcript for Death toll rising in wildfire disaster
Turning out to the breaking news on the West Coast the daft told from the wildfires burning in California organ and Washington. Is now at least seventeen including a teenager confirmed dead overnight. More than 100000 people have now been forced to flee their home. Overnight a devastating discovery in California an additional seven. Deceased individuals were located were deputies the so called north complex fire north of Sacramento has now killed at least ten people. More than a dozen others were still missing overnight. This woman appears her parents are among the dead after their house was burnt to the ground in or bill. Bird Derek pains me I'm not fight that they found. This thank location and and I thank god that it's not my parents. Appear missing for two days I'll. Yeah. Thousands in the area have already been forced to flee more than 20000 homes and businesses are in danger. But the north complex is just one of dozens of fires burning in the state. These wildfires have burned a record three million acres this year alone that's more than 26 times what it burned by this point last year. Fire crews are stretched thin some of been working nonstop for nearly a month. Meanwhile in Washington State residents left stunned by the aftermath of a massive fire that destroyed the town of Malden are seeing tornadoes has seen earthquakes I've seen what. Ways wash out land for its workers. And in Oregon this. Burned to the ground. Nearly fifty wildfires are burning throughout the state killing at least three people. ABC's Mac government is in Phoenix or again officials say that they have not been able to assess the damage or the death told because they're simply stretched too thin and looking out over this you can tell why the task. Four investigators have peeking through this debris would be so daunting street after street block after block entire development incinerated. As far as the eye can see. Just incredible images there overnight we will learn some great news that missing couple from Orval California solve their emotional daughter there. The couple has been found safe. As some good news for firefighters the winds are expected to die down today.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In Oregon, tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated, and the fires have destroyed thousands of structures. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72946140","title":"Death toll rising in wildfire disaster","url":"/WNN/video/death-toll-rising-wildfire-disaster-72946140"}