Demi Moore Gets Dumped

Demi Moore loses her 26-year-old boyfriend after wild photos of her partying surfaced.
3:26 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for Demi Moore Gets Dumped
Willis is back -- -- -- Apparently dead according to the New York Post Demi Moore now has officially been dumped. But her 26 year old boyfriend whose name of Islam to -- -- all you don't schnabel. Ultimately veto. Enough -- he said peace thousands almost picture lessening of her party and out of Miami Lenny Kravitz kind of you know this part of the -- -- -- pretty hard. And apparently he's kind of a it was a distraction he fell all these photos out there is a business guy got his art gallery is going on so he's had enough of this. -- and let her go to hell according to radar owners are worried about her behavior keep in mind back in February she checked into rehab she was back in the hospital. In January she's had a rough 2010 and twelve so maybe this was the best confidential relationship barely she's -- -- veto what the. However that solution double since I Laura soon to Demi Moore. I get a nose and a naming my hell I've read -- it's a loss here this giving shout home plate and it's okay. It is -- -- that is. -- match -- shot anyways sit well beyond saying she rules the world display all of the women do right according to her son who runs a world girls and he. You just scored fifty million dollar endorsement deal from Paxil and she's going to have her pretty little face is definitely not -- can. And CN. Can I think he's I do you always have to objective -- -- -- just turn and Helen Murray. Anyways I'm so but that she's not necessarily going to -- be -- Pepsi commercials. -- allowing her into the -- traditional advertising. Campaign as it were mostly flat roof plugs. They're going to back -- in any cream product of her choosing to she had any all the small number of outlets to tap into it but yeah she's pretty much of the clergy and you can't wait sent buyers can't cool -- -- million dollar Atlanta Braves send get a -- My -- to get the -- -- -- negative -- to eradicated but that that's. Fifty million bucks sitting there and bald faced. You -- -- -- Canada's newest. We don't -- and ha ha. With -- Stephen Colbert back in the news so obviously there's an -- the senate vacancy in South Carolina and according to a poll by public. Policy polling cold -- at the top of the wish list for possible send their replacements for mr. DeMint who announced this week that he is stepping down. He has 20% of the vote so far of course the governor. Whose Mickey Haley -- -- -- -- look you're not be the one but it is going to be encouraging Floridians. You have -- -- poll numbers in his favor so he's gonna happen but it's fun to talk about so Brett -- OK so last night -- of the girlfriend to -- Richard -- -- I would really quaint little wisely in New York City yet Sonny and I should say had a great time Richard Marks areas perform I swear we knew every single song after the shelve the -- comes up easily deal she's -- man was sitting behind you. Tito Hugh Jackman I love him I stopped him just like you stocked let me just that you look -- so there me my beautiful friend Batman and are back I -- -- -- a member of the news organization bears to do this but I gotta get my pick them out -- miss -- pedestrian -- --

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{"id":17931139,"title":"Demi Moore Gets Dumped","duration":"3:26","description":"Demi Moore loses her 26-year-old boyfriend after wild photos of her partying surfaced. ","url":"/WNN/video/demi-moore-dumped-17931139","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}