Demi Moore May be Moving On

Demi Moore is seen getting cozy with a handsome New Zealand actor.
4:05 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for Demi Moore May be Moving On
Speaking of skinny anymore it's pretty skinny. Spending days she's also got a new -- ten. Looks like according to me Richard -- never had a few days -- Iran and a couple of pals liberal I don't think that -- -- making out or anything out of -- -- in her mouth but exactly that was a New York City but in images obtained troubled life and style magazine she was -- -- -- With a New Zealand born actor's name is Martin Henderson he is quite dashing -- say. He's twelve years other -- -- you know she likes young men. What she -- 49 he's 37. Action 34 was fifteen years -- that her they -- grocery shopping lunching together in Connecticut to an eyewitness. Tells the magazine that they were very comfortable with one another and of course -- has completely moved on with. How many women now but I think -- think. Asian -- let me know he's he's in good hands from -- -- -- have to act -- complains that well there we also this very few weeks about how she's kind of having some. A strange relationship with their -- -- -- maybe she's focusing on that not try to get back the love department just at this time for for all that but she's happy hit rock on man in. You know she -- teen who -- that. -- -- I knew that actually know yet he. She jumped to get to -- -- that are right. Bob -- appellate kind of back -- it was a little -- she is this new reality show on lifetime called Bristol Palin life's a trip trip and obviously the name of her. Her young son but appellate there was a little bit of a flat because it was as seen recently on our reality show where he -- -- drop. An F word here is to gay slur that begins with the letter -- you -- -- -- That out and now she's responding to that saying I'm not proud of what he did say -- though he used a different. F -- lifetime film over twelve months on and off. And they caught a moment on film that would cause any parent to be written in the face trip is always surrounded by adults around campfires of cousins and their friends at the shop with my dad -- -- snow machine -- he's apparently picked up its own language that I prefer he not use. On national television or at home even though she's open about her opposition to gay marriage she says she never encourage her young son to use any gay -- but some folks wondering they thought they heard that. F word on TV but she say -- it was not that -- -- it was another F word that she is not. Proud of so you -- -- bridges life on reality TV abounded about a catch a moment or two on tape that you have to explain. I know a lot of it was at this is an indication of parenting baton going to the park with my kids act I was there yesterday nearly three other girls and their early teenage -- And I had to remove my kids from situation. Because the -- such foul language and teenage girls. All stuff I was -- -- -- isn't over here that present certain income class you'll know that he get away. That's left the club could microwave -- in the video. Struck at a certain about access and I don't know real leader -- the OK so potter film star -- incident and get admit that's that's fantastic show love several of the key cast members including Sophia regard to bow and filed suit. Up against my century fox television to avoid their contracts typically in in the TV industry in the world of actors and actresses and sagged in the afternoon everything they get 46%. Pay increases like 40007000. Represented in the -- but it but honestly and -- situations like this. Amid a massive head to know that million dollar at they're trying to get -- tracks so. This shows that serves our -- -- I mean they're like a survey show me the money -- Think they're bringing anybody we know that was -- Last but not least Kirstie Alley is getting sued by this woman saying she that -- candidates and false advertising for this weight loss program called the organic. Liaison program him -- -- -- -- -- -- lost a hundred pounds of down to a size six this won't -- out and bought it based on that bad and says she hasn't benefited at all from the program and that. It's full of lies and this misrepresentations and that's -- -- facing. How -- for unspecified death actions.

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{"id":16859453,"title":"Demi Moore May be Moving On","duration":"4:05","description":"Demi Moore is seen getting cozy with a handsome New Zealand actor.","url":"/WNN/video/demi-moore-moving-16859453","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}