Dennis Rodman's New Game

The former NBA star will coach a women's topless basketball team for charity.
4:48 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Dennis Rodman's New Game
You'll soon hear about salt in your sleep but this is -- big moment see this is your first getting my -- -- that hit the headed right for the first time is always the most special -- -- -- got as you found -- first -- this is a very wild and. You're a woman and like to go topless and -- 510 this would be for you Dennis Rodman get this the warm is making his way back. Into basketball he's going to be -- -- Eight women's. Topless basketball team -- man and we series. What woman who really wants to have run up or down the court -- sports Brian. I am not surprised Robin. As it is linked to something kind of crazy and and and you know off off the -- a little bit -- -- -- -- topless. Basketball teams here New York -- Well okay. First of all he's going to be challenging Rick -- -- -- to a charity game. And -- -- I don't know too many men don't like a good looking woman running up and down the courts but here's the parameters for the auditions will be at the jiggle -- No -- yet to be 500 -- he says you don't have too much experience. You just know how to. You just have to know how to throw the ball. Into the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- what he does so yes it makes it easy to be the coach of the governor -- you definitely don't let him go to trial Missouri siren Burnett show about -- Arab governments -- -- -- -- ever do -- -- covered thoroughly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of the overnight also more testimony is new -- more than basketball news here that we -- an English LeBron James. Thank you think yeah. Of Miami is engaged finally -- yeah I think. He it is still red mess of metal ribs and who's also the mother of his two children and they had engaged at a New Year's Eve party doubt in my -- -- so when the owners treated out congratulations you -- -- avenues kind of got out there. This also follows -- appreciate this Michael Jordan of course getting engaged in his girlfriend was sixteen years younger than he is violate -- you look at Cuban model we have little Michelle last week so. All the ball -- out there decide to put a ring on it. The manner LeBron and this is as high school sweetheart from acrid saint Vincent saint Mary that the animal I'll knowledge none exist. The reproducing nearly half of the midwest -- on the shows up but I am -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Free net results section one word hyphenated -- -- he know that he one of the -- two syllables sorry okay. -- that you're wondering like Katy Perry and Russell Brand got divorced and wondering why he filed both -- -- Well do you know that she comes through very evangelical Christian family and -- outfits she wanted him. You wanted -- to file the papers because she didn't want her parents to be disappointed but get this city he's recovery and sex addict -- heroin addict and had apparently changed his ways. Well a lot of their a lot of their arguments according to TM ZF. Brand didn't enjoy the -- it out she was gone out drinking. Going to bars and busy and you know what if your spouse and you know that your husband it heads struggles -- -- mind you keep you. That's they where called her apartment but it isn't as she was -- -- out kind of in the -- party thing you know he's the former. Yet he was what he wanted -- At that level until told you -- go around so this could make it work yet he knows that once -- -- -- that's the last things that you want he had bar yeah. -- -- I'm citing what -- come on K your own that's so that's out of fire were known to eight I don't get that's an example that about it you know may make it less of it momentarily months fourteen months sensitive moment in seventeen day that -- -- -- -- co anchors there. -- darn sure. Let us know here Kelly Clarkson she kind of caused controversy which he endorsed Ron Paul for president -- -- but apparently know what endorsements are good for business get this sheet -- stronger climbed from 38 to seven. Amazon sales -- between. Thursday when she threw her support behind Paul and Friday afternoon. And the apple -- up further on Saturday to number two on Amazon and all assisted in efforts to -- on Apple's iTunes charts and people who love Ron Paul love machine don't -- anywhere else off -- -- -- one thing about Ron Paul supporters they're well educated they're armed and they support the -- out around half I would be surprised if this list that allowed. Then it. Album to spike if only Ron Paul fans a taste in music I did did you buy -- album my we'll be back.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The former NBA star will coach a women's topless basketball team for charity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15272700","title":"Dennis Rodman's New Game","url":"/WNN/video/dennis-rodman-to-coach-topless-basketball-game-15272700"}