New details in Nashville bombing

Authorities have identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the Christmas bomber. ABC’s Averi Harper reports on the search for a motive.
2:46 | 12/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details in Nashville bombing
We have new details about the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville we're getting our first look. At the moment the explosion shattered the early morning calm in the downtown area authorities have identified Anthony harper Anthony Warner as the bomber. He was the only person killed and now we're now learning about a potential motive. Here's ABC's Avery harper. This morning new video from a traffic camera shows the moment the Christmas Day explosion rocked downtown Nashville. Investigators now calling it a suicide bombing. Anthony. Warner. He is the bomber he was present when the bomb went off. And Teddy bearish in the bombing. Shortly after 1 AM Christmas morning dis RV was seen parked outside the AT&T building. Authorities are viewing this surveillance video of the blacks. And. Police responding to a call of shots fired say they could hear it ominous recording coming from the RV. Along with the sixties pop song. What I remembered was downtown where the lights shine bright investigators are now looking into Warner psychiatric and medical history for clues to a motive. Agents could be seen carrying out bags of evidence from a home associated with Warner sources say investigators are exploring whether he may have been motivated by paranoia. Over find G cellular technology. Meanwhile six national police officers are now describing the moment they rushed to evacuate spam police before Friday's explosion. Officer Brenda Posey began banging on doors. Helping a mother of four evacuate. She said OK let me get my kids. And that kind of just like what my heart that my throat officer Janes wells was the closest city explosion and have been trying to reach fellow officer Amanda topping. The force of the blast left wells with temporary hearing loss as its. Around. The media felt like all exemplary steps they've in the music stopped in his own welcome back towards after now. As CEO Lawrence. Did I hear loud boom and hasn't stumble in. It rocked me now ours ours dominance Tomas substantive speech there last. I just above and a sprint toward them I've never got somebody so hard and allied. The Rasmussen family made it out of their home just in time. As were driving late. Explosion is as huge and I'm looking forward driving here in San whole Chirac's. I'm looking back it might use each other. I am very. And investigators are working to determine if the AT&T building where that RV was parked was the bombers intended target. Knowing that could go a long way in confirming a motive Mona Avery thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Authorities have identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the Christmas bomber. ABC’s Averi Harper reports on the search for a motive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74932376","title":"New details in Nashville bombing","url":"/WNN/video/details-nashville-bombing-74932376"}