Diana Perez Shares New Baby Pictures

Baby Dylan is Diana's new bundle of joy with husband Ducis Rodgers.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for Diana Perez Shares New Baby Pictures
That is a moment in time to be -- now you have my pizza party here to welcome back Diana from maternity leave him alone. Thank you guys felt lives how wonderful -- -- people that I work in my -- that we got -- back and then. Cupcakes dessert because I'm not trying to lose any of the baby -- OK fellow looking the blue my -- look fantastic by the way I don't want to talk about maybe way. Thank you very much I'm not -- very excited to be back I feel -- -- you know I'm. I should Sam well rested but that's the furthest thing from -- -- -- hoping that on this and you might get a little right ironically -- word dynasty era when you count all right hopefully we'll see how Baghdad and show some pictures of the moon and mark -- Look that says this is my that it is still live young man. Still I am -- January 7 there he is my. And little guy but he's so big now -- -- eyes yeah about it I am I'm happy and excited to say this and actually does belong to me. -- we'll show you my big I have my little idea that DeVon and Dylan and you can see -- The difference between -- -- all father and I'd like to believe gonna. In trouble on the playground men's mile porous borders and 71 then DeVon that big guy he is -- rules aren't happy -- -- trouble. And here's something they did they CU I was watching when -- of course I was watching in the middle of the night when you said I should do so what they did they take a pitcher and -- when he was about ten weeks old. And it -- try to cherry created with Dylan wearing the exact same outfitting kind of in the same place and -- There everything they really don't look like race and another brother so there you have my two little guys doing their thing what those guys. You know that picture of that the two of them together as a little misleading because that there's there's not a whole lot of love between the show then yeah -- wrong. It just doesn't quite get it yet he he's he's only eighteen marketing team Anthony telling wondering when everything's gonna go back to the -- heart of the backing for more on machines like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This season. World news.

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{"id":23077219,"title":"Diana Perez Shares New Baby Pictures","duration":"3:00","description":"Baby Dylan is Diana's new bundle of joy with husband Ducis Rodgers.","url":"/WNN/video/diana-perez-shares-new-baby-pictures-23077219","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}