Giz Wiz Gadgets Under $25

Dick DeBartolo shows off the top tech gadgets under $25.
3:00 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giz Wiz Gadgets Under $25
It is definitely hard to find that perfect gift especially -- on a budget. And if you're shopping for high tech gives will forget about it then -- are always pricey but we asked -- -- with. To DeBartolo -- a -- of some of the latest bad -- -- They yet key phrase cheapest high tech gadgets that are out there and of course -- -- true master of his -- he came back with a table full of stuff. That is useful but -- which we like this time of year absolutely felt really fun stuff the multitask. All right ten. Now -- years here intends with a little light in the British scene that's gotta think before this is a little different this is very different cell the multitask like that. Has a life but it's a good snack like. So you can even that guy anyway you want you can use it as a little book reader but if you drop something. On this some thing. It's really need about ten bucks -- -- -- what -- like this that that that is the operative word today are changing all writers -- -- -- -- started finished on Amazon and I thought it was ten bucks in like three dollar shipping I thought I -- that kind of like total all the watch OK still looks like a heavy duty ID bracelet hand. That you push this. In the time comes on you push it again to date comes on you push and again it does seconds. And then it goes out and it becomes a porcelain and this is -- -- box -- -- about this hour this little guy first of all you talked him up if all the backed down that's a little USB dongle into the computer John -- then you push the button here. And he starts up. Asked if there -- three different modes so he's got stuck going and he avoids objects -- -- -- me. And -- will avoid it then you can put a man crazy mode and he just runs around and makes weird sounds. Atlantic -- that electronic signal my guess what I want -- -- that you bored and you want to claim. That take back the right and then I'm. It comes with a dongle from the iPhone and the iPad in the iPod Touch when you can control it with your phone realist -- that I -- -- become a remote control so yes. Under 25 book -- keep things and stuff -- a reportable money go for yeah. That's working as a company where people -- send in ideas inventions if they'd like getting people vote on enough they produce it. He invented gets 30% not -- -- So this is the four point US -- Adapt -- flexible so on the airplane is something if you -- that you not gonna break your computer. And then you -- the access USB cable around -- and each USB plug goes through here. So that it organizes your desk also that he keeps things neat and tidy and altogether and you have four different outlets from when USB. I'd like -- Phillips. -- what yes now we learned a little bit -- -- -- -- you don't get this kind of gadget under 25 dollars so I extended a little bit because Beijing bureau. Can't wait a shower and make coffee the same time which is ridiculous concept -- -- didn't. -- paragraph which is why do you jump -- bond job are OK so prank boxes you know you give it to someone. And they think it won't. What are you all I love. If it comes and deeply stick appearance socks and Adobe thankfully got socks but instead of this -- -- -- believe Madigan ally it is also. Slippers with -- with speaker is I would -- -- the alarm clock -- Qaeda about 8 o'clock and a boxing overall -- laugh out like that -- -- from Zell -- this guy is ten bucks. So there is what's there we go the little e-book reader and finally this is really need this is -- -- yeah. Little cause -- like this get to -- twenty bucks download the app. To your iPad. Put them on the iPad -- -- -- recognizes the car looks like the cause lit up because it -- -- Jews from the iPad. And you play different. This is this guy is so -- -- that -- -- -- -- gelatin like that Nathan up under twenty but I'm very glad for the for the iPad -- way to his -- the car further illustrate exactly an Internet only if an orderly disciplined and fun yeah everything on the 25 -- we like it well that is always all right thanks toward -- with Dick DeBartolo is a good job. And you'll find all the products -- showcase here on its website to check out did win dot -- or check our FaceBook fan page UW and bands. Dot com heavy holiday -- the same media that.

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{"id":15150909,"title":"Giz Wiz Gadgets Under $25","duration":"3:00","description":"Dick DeBartolo shows off the top tech gadgets under $25.","url":"/WNN/video/dick-debartolo-tech-gadgets-15150909","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}