DIY-ing? The Giz Wiz has tools to help

Our very own Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, stopped by the studio to showcase some of his favorite gadgets to help you with your next big project. Check out his website for more info:
4:23 | 10/17/17

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Transcript for DIY-ing? The Giz Wiz has tools to help
Welcome back and doing just hate it when you started doing yourself project and then you realize you don't have the right tools to do it yourself. Well but his whiz Dick DeBartolo is joining us here. Looking like a member. But don't let Hoy YMCA hear what it would do you know death. We do have some fun stuff Paris is there this is from pawned pod like it did wind do you lie DIY. For value and this is like having someone hold the flash I'm not going to be trying to blind the camera. So what you do that I have and I'm right now it's magnetic and say you name it we you want the light to be. And then it'll just stay there for you so if you're working under the sink and you want to aim and meta name in into the camera break is that there is just 250 Romans. I thought did I got sucked up. And so this flood is magnetic. All that that's what. And the bottom is magnetic so in your car you can attach it to the hood. Well under the sea some hard to reach area exactly okay next just gonna shut discover and it's on the twenty bucks which is pretty aren't. From craftsman. Pretty decide going to take measure. Up to now take made his stood on the shallow end this guy he lays flat. And roll it out and it doesn't fall off because. The broad edges down. And then check practical use of that a practical use is what when you measure lumber. The tape may he get to the end the tape measure falls off this whole fall off because this is the operating. Operating in this area and then that something on the bottom is pretty neat little dry erase. Panel. So that you can write you measurement exactly exactly and and and erase them yes this is also from crest it's stuff flex co walk. Am mar pro gay and at this press event they said the hammer has not been redesigned didn't centuries. Or decades. So now that he is a lie we didn't he redefined himself and did too legit to quit oh okay. So this guy has an adjustable. Claw for hook it up. 24 positions so if you have some heavy duty crying or. Down in that position nicely and you have some tremendous leverage but wait there's more are not pro way. There is a little magnetic. Channel here where you put the nail. It's OK so now you can drive that and we haven't X right there he won the disk drive that nil in very. I don't think will look. Bulgaria. Still and that comes into different waitresses this is the heavyweight Bruins try to quickie project then that a very. Easy to do okay this is what you are OK so this is a way to take taken outlet and turn it into a not an outlet within nite light. And any clue it closed. Cover so kids can't stick to that we got so take it that we do that are ready okay there now you instilled a night light. And now you have shut is that close over the elected I'll kids wound get shocked so you don't have to particularly if anything can carve your department younger the only thing you taken just like that you take to screw out put descend to elect her contacts here. There may contact with the guys in there and and its wide speculation about a minute and final time yet. Todd Leitz. Normally takes when he watched these are two watts what you do is plug them into this little here we go this'll channel here okay. And did tae said here of three was just eighteen box. I met two watts. So we didn't get off. Private and he did got to get you must have a hard hat. Aren't big is what is here Dick DeBartolo theory I'm blind still eight so much and don't forget you can check out all of these. Here's what is dubbed is an on our website WNM fans.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Our very own Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, stopped by the studio to showcase some of his favorite gadgets to help you with your next big project. Check out his website for more info:","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"50527351","title":"DIY-ing? The Giz Wiz has tools to help","url":"/WNN/video/diy-ing-giz-wiz-tools-50527351"}