One doctor’s perspective

Are there more young patients with coronavirus? And what’s the latest with testing? ABC News’ Kenneth Moton spoke with Dr. Imran Ali.
3:49 | 03/26/20

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What's happening right now inside the hospitals in the New York area what is seen. What are you learning tenant in one of the most populated areas of New York City mainly queasy elm Hurst area of queens at a hospital and very familiar with. We're seeing icy use filling up today. A specially with younger people unexpectedly we're seeing people in their forties. Although we're arcing some elderly patients were seen from what I'm hearing my colleagues telling me we're seeing a lot more people who actually younger. We are still here have test results taking days president trump says testing in the US it's better so it fit. It is definitely better than wasn't when it was before now that the CDC is now only working we have private testing companies. And the last eight days we have gotten at least a 300000. Tests according to the coldly tracking project. On Tass thing the president says were outperforming South Korea which has been a model he's right on the amount. But the president's comments appear to be misleading since the US population has more than six times the size of South Korea's. Right exactly candidate population of Korea is 51 point five million vs the United States were 312. Million. And yes the Koreans did a very good job that testing sites and we are definitely improving with 300000. Test since March 16. We have to really look at the greater picture and the percentage really matters here we still don't have the prevalence. Of how this virus is circulating in our communities here in the United States. As some extraordinary reports coming on Washington State which is now. Consider a blanket DNR order do not resuscitate on the sickest covic ninety patients your thoughts. Well this is very common with contagious diseases this happened also when Ebola. When we want to code as we call it where a patient's going into cardiac arrest in we're performing CPR. People rushed into the room rapidly and it is a scene that sometimes is chaotic and is not enough time to put protective. Clothing on so there's a highly. The chance of dating infected specially for health care workers and by the time we do get a protective gear on its offense too late anyway. So some people are suggesting that we make patients who all our infectious. Do you and are now I want to make sure that people understand DNR does not mean do not treat. It would get old treatment it would just meet their court were stopped for any reason. Such as a cardiac arrest we would not perform the CPR or the invasive procedures to bring him back. When a person here is do not resuscitate. During this pandemic they think the worst obviously automatically. Is that just the reality where we are right now with this. Well we are at a point now where a lot of the sick people that we're seeing in ice to use. Are being ventilated but they are it will also seen some instances of cardiac arrest. Which are so severe that we can't bring them back anyway. So that's one a lot of health care workers are thinking about possibly initiating Indian are. Because we can protect the health care workers because during a resuscitation attempt it can be very messy and it can begin very. If you very good chance for a health care workers to get infected especially because there's not enough time simply to put on the protective gear. While the patient is acutely. And more important point from doctor Ali he cautioned people about going to the yard when you think that you might have some sort of symptoms. Calling her primary care physician first people are not giving any from into the yard but that's person and number of actions that make sure you do that.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Are there more young patients with coronavirus? And what’s the latest with testing? ABC News’ Kenneth Moton spoke with Dr. Imran Ali.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69808163","title":"One doctor’s perspective","url":"/WNN/video/doctors-perspective-69808163"}