Dog Breaks World Record For Popping Balloons

Another Guinness World Record is broken, as a pooch named Twinkie breaks the world record for fastest dog to pop 100 balloons.
2:54 | 06/30/16

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Transcript for Dog Breaks World Record For Popping Balloons
OK so lately we have seen quite a few records go down Guinness world records go down and create you know we have in my mattress domino we had the longest serving anchor and he stand that are stationed there. The most hugs and now. We bring you the latest one to go down so the little guy there that's twinkies he's a Jack Russell Terrier in California and he's about to break and make a Guinness world record for topping 100 balloons and 39 point 08 seconds. Twenty go all cities. It is an astonishing record. It is owned by a wonderful woman don't resent certainly there he does not get tired and the previous record was just shy of 42. Second take back home record hot. We beat us. He picked it. About switches are. Our noncore ticking for more balloons by the after that. I don't I'm not sure I. Let's parent for the training good Seth. Parenting can be we of them it is that's what you're dealing with millennia old in the Internet and things you know they don't always bothered by itself. One that found a creative way of giving with that. Oh yeah I don't know rankings after talking to daughter is in itself is Ronald too sexy for him you listen so he started making his own self be. Exactly like Paris. They I don't think herself these are all of that. That's illiterates. You've read if your birds repeated some of the self is that you've done we had you know I tried to talk to her and that didn't work so yeah maybe this'll get through so. Here pong as you know has been around for much. More than a decade. Good. Don't remember him talking about but there's very little that you can do to change should be Airpwn but now someone has revolutionized. This rite of passage. In college take a look what they've done. They added the beer pong I thought I that's one of the remote kind of movie vacuum could face the death. So does it. Moving target it's tough enough. Trying to play very active very actually really really good at a home. So this is who won genius who taught. Thought that this bank the and nice modern twist and beer pong and also kind of shook her sobriety is. Hull thinking the game. But for its handling her actions and wrapped in scientists in America but is quite for a pricey the average dramas like 800 god sounds no real yeah. So this is as anti Carla that's very yeah. And you get time of them. That a slip out of your confidant that Everett you're left. Some natural lakes in there that not.

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{"id":40241215,"title":"Dog Breaks World Record For Popping Balloons","duration":"2:54","description":"Another Guinness World Record is broken, as a pooch named Twinkie breaks the world record for fastest dog to pop 100 balloons. ","url":"/WNN/video/dog-breaks-world-record-popping-balloons-40241215","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}