Dog Goes Wild When Owner Leaves

Video captures a dog getting revenge on its owner the moment they leave the house.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Transcript for Dog Goes Wild When Owner Leaves
They got after -- Nixon as we continue our Saint Patrick's Day celebration we found a video that combines. Some of my favorite things. Beer chocolate cake and then with foreign accents come. -- the first New York so they've got is forever website called -- dot com. Are sharing their recipes for chocolate Guinness -- they make it in the Guinness. -- -- class and it. Check out. The message really simple just heats up Davis and nothing in a packed third sugar cocoa and oil and -- -- -- -- beat eggs and yogurt into folks that really makes in the flat out racing legend and hall Djokovic couldn't beat him. Here it looks really good right and anime list I think that also have Guinness and it feels like the phone that's happened to be parent cheers that a certain events and look them up I take at least you it's in California there are high school they've come up with a golf trick it's really awesome when -- -- the ball the other guys. Trust me it's hard to like -- -- ball audit. It's predictable that had to do that -- and not get hit in the name back yeah there really good one more time. The good stuff that is painful I can't hit the ball and it yet still so I'm impressed do you. -- ever wonder. What you Dodd is up to when you leave the house I love these yes that is a good one especially for people who come home and wonder why they're dead at the blink of her Hummer in dog hair. This is what happened when a woman left home. -- the camera running and her pitiful seized the opportunity kind of -- things out wonders why an effective attack -- -- that there but I don't team. And I check this out. It is not enough to sit on the -- and yes I'm an eighteen year they -- on every -- on the bed. Market has its territory. Yeah right. I got so destructive what's daughter -- we'll hear from I don't think this is very very cute check this out these four years old but he's this. The grandson. Saint Joe's coach Phil martelly who just had a big college basketball window into the March Madness. He was they have this is down. His grandson to come up to him for his -- team that's been there he's got his -- on just like Bagram off -- dog he's got a he's got his clipboard warriors -- Gigantic fan of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's going to be what he's got up you know him to rest the -- -- had no doubt it.

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{"id":22936610,"title":"Dog Goes Wild When Owner Leaves","duration":"3:00","description":"Video captures a dog getting revenge on its owner the moment they leave the house.","url":"/WNN/video/dog-goes-wild-when-owner-leaves-22936610","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}