Donald Trump Pledges Loyalty to Republican Party

ABC's Deputy Political Director, Shushannah Walshe recaps the final GOP debate of 2015 and examines Donald Trump's lead in the polls.
3:11 | 12/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Pledges Loyalty to Republican Party
Four insight from our deputy political that it simply say joins us here in the studio to Arnold Walsh's hey good morning to you. Let's kick it upsets with. Pushing really came out swinging he needed to guess what he did and he's the only candidate what had to have but don't come I was throughout the debate let's listen. So Donald it always great that at the one liners but he's a chaos candidate. Immediate chaos president. He would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe. Jeff doesn't really believe I'm unhinged he said that very simply because he has failed in this campaign it's been a total disaster. Nobody cares and frankly I'm the most solid person up here. Bush did pretty well I think in may he made an impact tell is about. Tucker is a mocha rupiah to the cancer really were present to differently is the Republican Party. And many people say that they could be that you on top of the very am but let's listen to that squat. You can't carpet bomb license if you don't have planes and bombs to attack them way. And if we continue those cuts that we're doing now not to mention additional cuts we're going to be left in the oldest and the smallest air force this country has ever had and that leaves us let's. One of the problems. With Marcus fox foreign policy is he is far too often supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Undermining governments in the Middle East that have helped radical Islamic terrorists. That still really he had thanks have their cue they were sent to different parts of the Republican Party. And they really have been going out into their not just that last needs to be but throughout this primary per presses and recently it's a brand app. Both candidates can answer trucking to stay away from golf term. But going after each other and this is gonna continue to continuing to watch highlights he like it was very deliberate house would ask you tell me that pledge to get not to run. As independent like you did back in September matter. Where we've heard this before I get right so in September he signed a pledge saying that he won't run as a third party candidate but recently he's been sounding like he could rot as a third party again he can can dancing at the Prius and treat him fairly. But tonight he pet last excuse me he willed it out again and said that the party is treating him fairly and he will not run as a third party candidate so I think a lot establishment Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief this morning to welcome fool's latest really need to run that cannot clearly a bad bad beginner follows the polls if he continues this way and he's not have to worry about there was a story says Cecil during the wrestled torture about cough. A mystery cult willow what do you know about it really exploded on Twitter who was coughing Travis debate will it turns out. That it was Ben Carson they doctor of the buttons and his campaign says that that all of them got came down with this. But it with a cough not really a call but that they were all under the weather with a cough. So so that was mystery solved real vice selflessness. A you know our viewers sent honey lemon and T. And that's an Italian can be hard at your system pressure or lobster slightly better ABC she shot a lot thanks so much cash and we'll get. More reaction from chefs and take you live to Las Vegas again in our next half.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"ABC's Deputy Political Director, Shushannah Walshe recaps the final GOP debate of 2015 and examines Donald Trump's lead in the polls. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35793666","title":"Donald Trump Pledges Loyalty to Republican Party ","url":"/WNN/video/donald-trump-pledges-loyalty-republican-party-35793666"}