Drones Capture Alaskan Ice Caves

A new viral video shows impossible-to-reach ice caves in Alaska.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drones Capture Alaskan Ice Caves
Artest makes time to enjoy your rice -- I have felt good so amazing we'll crispy rice -- -- Christina Park issue here is getting right eight. At any rate let's get to the -- and we have some incredible video for you this is from Alaska. This is in the glacier called the Mendenhall glacier -- Los Angeles film company sent the drone. Intel ice caves in Alaska that -- essentially impenetrable for explores this too dangerous too tight to ever. And they came out with some really incredible footage of things you could never -- without this drop. One -- look at that unbelievable. Beautiful. Yes awesome. Music go -- camera by the -- go put our -- for the covers not like the greatest thing ever really I think with a go pro cameras. -- now truly I am such a sucker for these great proposal stories and this one. You really original so this volunteer firefighter in Ohio. I was proposing to his girlfriend who is a teacher at the school Lacey near the school is having a fire drill team and -- the fire department shows up. And there's your sweetie and he got the whole school in on this. I'm 600 ring pops thinking about to this is -- there you'll see the sign and there -- those stops down on one knee. Got a lot of then you tissue you know someone who's not that's cheese is something that is slightly. And I think it's cheesy domino -- and a lot of planning this one doesn't look like it's designed to make him look like the hero thing here like it looks like finally lives. His bride in the south and apparently there honestly don't think we'll. They plus video of this is -- really interesting story it's fantastic that this woman who really wanted to meet her mother and you -- understand this she was left at a Burger King. 27. Years ago obviously so has all the upset over time estimating what she decided she wanted to -- -- who were birth mom was so she went on up FaceBook and started posting and she went up FaceBook back on March 2. Trying to find her mother and this -- -- -- real and guess what. The post drew a lot of attention and it didn't get the attention of her birth mother and they met for the first time Monday night. Does not somehow. She was dubbed the Burger -- baby which she was found shortly after birth at that Burger King in that Allentown so she has met her mom. -- Eat you know all of the -- subway performers all of our New York City -- -- checking out the performance and I looked in the subway once for world news now know well maybe this is your future one -- Kinda getting bank mess oh yeah definitely -- so talented this group called tuning views -- they've posted this video online thirty has. 630000. Hits and they're becoming a big deal there violence why flyers season and you sax player jumps around in a place.

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{"id":23061554,"title":"Drones Capture Alaskan Ice Caves","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows impossible-to-reach ice caves in Alaska.","url":"/WNN/video/drones-capture-alaskan-ice-caves-23061554","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}