'DWTS' Finale Crowns Kellie Pickler

The former "American Idol" contestant takes home the Mirror Ball Trophy.
3:15 | 05/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Finale Crowns Kellie Pickler
Spoiler alert to start -- -- We're gonna -- -- five seconds to change the channel if you don't want to hear what the finale was for didn't do -- just -- -- you don't change. Not me that's better -- But what does it going to be okay you're ready that in five seconds. The winner is here you're gonna see it -- but an. -- -- and I -- Kellie Pickler who knows who knows you know. -- -- -- -- -- Why she is from American Idol fame she finished apparently -- -- I've -- -- five but you can. Mind Dancing With The Stars he's on her face the very beginning she really didn't hear that she was -- -- in line. Gary heard it went crazy -- there -- -- kind of like why it was me -- it may sound. Is there turns and Iowa neck and neck until the very end because in diet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is -- -- and yeah but America spoke and and Kellie Pickler want to thank -- all. And I -- -- higher points from the judges got away with Kelly restore America's heart and there you have -- -- is that can be -- charm. And talent and of course is this woman she was six American Idol -- first on dancing with aerial. -- -- -- -- She can't find that she can -- and she's true triple threat. It's got hit that's -- sure I was talking about really awesome. Thing that's happened in Oklahoma Kevin Durant that big star center yet. -- -- -- Given up million dollars of his own money. To help the people -- effected by the tornado by the NBA. Players' union also gonna come together and add another one million of their own. To the relief efforts in the Oklahoma City area the money's gonna go to the Red Cross the Salvation Army other -- disaster relief efforts. Just amazing about one million dollars coming from Kevin Durant he's. Help that Oklahoma in the clutch so many times this basketball prowess he's just amazing to watch on the court and he sounds like greatest guy ever -- -- devastating. Minister disasters so that we can control over and -- they're so close to home. Called home sitting on the. Good for him -- million dollars going to help homeless -- Aren't -- wonderful news to you need it. OK moving on to beyoncé apparently she's got a -- -- It's been talking about her new album and all these new signs and the singled going to be released which one of the going to be we hear -- and light commercial -- on an another wrestle. It has finally Italy. -- -- up listened to growing up in. The woman next. -- -- -- -- -- She made a pregnant she may not be -- out whatever it is. Perfect world according to good to be on that it's important to say we are just squirrels trying to get mad -- from the Nelson. -- he's rochlin let's talk about X-Men mystique there's little sneak peek at her new blue body. Take a look bashing -- Jennifer Lawrence looking beautiful.

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{"id":19230934,"title":"'DWTS' Finale Crowns Kellie Pickler","duration":"3:15","description":"The former \"American Idol\" contestant takes home the Mirror Ball Trophy.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-finale-crowns-kellie-pickler-19230934","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}