'DWTS': Snooki Latest Elimination

Despite high score, Snooki gets eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars."
3:27 | 10/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS': Snooki Latest Elimination
Heights game time let's talk dancing with the stars and it was a snap through the week before what you're Ayers got the F sluggers -- -- little spoiler alert they combined last week's scores with this week's scores and somebody was dancing pretty darn awesome had to go so. -- -- -- -- -- It was in fact smoky -- Despite an incredible score 27 for -- really sexy samba. It's that he's gone -- and -- that you go all the way she's a lot better than they had to. The key John Johnson got eliminated the first week but how did a lot of people very surprised by -- -- surprised by a muscular listen. You come back bill. Yeah. Men and -- happy morning Kelly yeah. Yeah. It's great seventeen remaining competition amber Riley Bret -- Elizabeth Berkley Corbin Bleu Jack Cust normally revenues and kill angle. There -- -- -- I cannot believe the outcome of these elimination. I mean copyrights and ultimately another great dancer and today it's nearly -- -- yesterday it was lucky that that's pretty look at. -- did you like -- They got back -- an hour. Coming to this how about this for all of -- Star Wars fans there are some brand new outtakes from the movie and it popped up on YouTube. And people are going crazy over this the clippers are pretty incredible there's outtakes ranging in length from seven seconds. To 45 seconds and they include everybody from -- split -- -- -- Luke Scott. -- take a lesson. Consumers about another target a -- target they named it look at that doctor and they make now that likened him. And. -- Cool that our very -- -- this is -- -- street Rollins people who remember this the you know this evidence -- episodes for a new hope from 1977. Deaths now seen these hundred. There are lot of rabbits -- area schools join us. -- another the movie series that's really got popular. -- my daughter the Hunger Games of the new ones coming out catching fire and that the trailer was played during the World Series littlest listen and we'll. An amazing -- canvass the Halloween that's cabinets and it looks that looks really great guys -- he really ready comes out. November 22. Chance -- hell I'm right about that thunderstorm remembers a look at you'll -- ABC news website. So I didn't read any of these books that I can solve this by accident took my nieces are in town and we had nothing else to do this was on and they wanted to see it so we watched it the first one of the desperate like -- I really like. It's great story behind it is pretty incredible harmonies -- and -- Assembly chick flick now we're pretty deep down yeah -- I can't really quickly got thirty seconds to tell you about this latest milestone for Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus they have apparently crossed paths and now they -- V -- stumbled. This is according to page 6. On Sunday morning they were about that Hussein after investors. -- -- -- parents -- -- now. They have come together and even -- together clubs and now Manning. Yes and no longer around me know that president is that the F that's of course --

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{"id":20710987,"title":"'DWTS': Snooki Latest Elimination","duration":"3:27","description":"Despite high score, Snooki gets eliminated from \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-snooki-latest-elimination-20710987","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}