'DWTS' Votes Off First Contestant

Wynonna Judd heads home from "Dancing With the Stars" as Andy Dick survives another week.
4:17 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Votes Off First Contestant
Coupled with the lowest combined total of scores and votes. And therefore leaving right now. Why don't and Tony. Step to the skinny and there you have it Wynonna and Tony heading home not survive a wild week. Kyoto. Leon -- one to criticize anybody gets out on the dance floor more power to them if I -- -- kind this shot from. But yet what -- she got sent home she's in -- made a lifetime friend that Sony. And she said this is the hardest job I've ever loved them -- not a dancer. -- invest like they can -- get back to making a record and I love my country music fans more than ever so yep. Memories. Heads home from dancing with the -- I just don't get -- these people have way too much money to be embarrassing themselves and -- of America. Sentencing is bad publicity this I -- this that it will record its critics -- if you had a democratic. There's been in the news several times because she is not a fan of paparazzi in fact she wanted to move her and her daughter and her boyfriend over different Jessica than she -- -- again about right. Just love again they have -- up against the paparazzi Galicia took her boyfriend Oliver Martinez they apparently arrived at LAX. Thursday night and the paparazzi especially. Cruel crazy this time. Absolutely bombarded her boyfriend and her child and she. -- lost -- -- here's a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- The lots of school tried to run after it happened apparently according to its -- is -- we pay for this video. Kicked out of the paparazzi. Not so sure that actually happened she quickly -- -- sentiments of the New England. It -- anything about -- Olivia and I projects that. Inhabit. Happen to think they are right these port that child did not sign up for now they did that child has nothing to do with being a Corsican. You can understand that a step away guys comes to maintain -- right out of the building -- -- the world news now I mean it's a high annual north carolinian I know I'm his body. Right this is that story. We told you about what happened yesterday when of that -- -- they characters on that reality. Found dead in his bronco with two other people -- turns out of the suspicion is correct apparently an autopsy -- confirmed that book while star Shane Kim Gandy and two other men did in fact -- carbon monoxide. After that bronco there the -- they were riding in was partially submerged in deep mud would happen. -- got clogged and exhaust went into that cab. And it got them -- so there's been confirmed that Israel set free people that carbon monoxide poisoning after some fun in the months English and. -- let's lighten up the good again. Justin beaver we told you about the fact that he. There's quite a bit lately to fatally so. And he. In Munich in Germany with his monkey -- with his -- -- occasionally -- -- -- he's got to get him back. So he landed there to do a concert and he rescinded that he was seized because he didn't have a copy documentation what -- German authorities. Had given just a neighbor for me to pick up his pet monkey who or why. Well all it basically gets put into you -- more -- -- shelter or our zoo. Or gets adopted by you know -- a rubber monkey that can provide data cannot happily married medical pick up that month. We're going yeah -- you know give the monkey for adoption maybe you can do that and apparently. -- -- -- -- Apparently on top of that this is already -- -- Geithner to begin with but there are experts better saying that that fourteen week old monkey should not have been taken away from his mother and husband because he was too. Army -- this video real quickly on too much time it is it's priceless Michael Strahan. God laden. He's up there in Central Park Malulani how many kids to help and -- when he was Katie cities mowed lawns and periods. I think that's just -- and out -- you.

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{"id":18868249,"title":"'DWTS' Votes Off First Contestant ","duration":"4:17","description":"Wynonna Judd heads home from \"Dancing With the Stars\" as Andy Dick survives another week.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-votes-off-contestant-18868249","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}