Early Holiday Toys Preview

Our Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht previews new toys and gadgets to give you some early gift ideas for the holidays.
4:32 | 02/17/16

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Transcript for Early Holiday Toys Preview
Point 113 annual north American international toy fair kicked apple rebound kind day weekend. Giving us solid sneak peek at this year's hot Christmas gifts can we protect our Christmas already. Truly insider Bob Murray shacks goodwill Laurie good morning you know he'd take seven football fields. The lift hundreds of thousands of toys and drop them into the Javits Center in New York City. That's what toy fairs all of that actual toy it's a lot of ties I have a son I think he says some favors his or all prototypes you're not gonna see into the holidays we're gonna start isn't cool tech a little lines this and drums order IED group so now and it sound technology. We have knowing this we have. Quit. Snow put U shaped bed okay and listen. So we. A lion so we have seats we have colors we have animals and music we still have different modes of play so you can just put it then this footnote. Now we're in music I had hit the drums. And so it's really a lot of time. So this is going to be attacked and it Alberts its online activity desk and it isn't desk at take in the legs up from the table OK and it also comes with a great little stool help que. So what any tax UN all kinds of different modes of play but it's not just that but what happens. I opened in fat. This is going to be a chalkboard. Now we have a place. Hang our artists and arts studio and tons and tons of storage answered in love that it's expected that when I RA itself from the Lion King which we all now now the isn't news series on Disney junior. And it's all the lying guard hi I'm in the main character act. And he loves a leak in lower. Yeah and well then then don't leave your kayak so he roars. Finished products he will also respond to all kinds of different gestures and of course. He's going wow certain raw our Alley at Paris at OK I now want to introduce you to real cooking so this is far aspiring little shacks okay so we have this yet we have cupcakes at cakes sex hate cops set. And it comes with everything little kids needs with schools that are just the right size so we have polls that have section cups on the bottom. We have an cracker hot it also comes to mixes the only thing you need to and is the note the butter and the oil so I'm doing you go ahead and starting I think I'm slick grant here because we had these great cupcakes. And kids get all of this stuff so they get the frosting to get the decorations the mix. To you get to make all of this Macon isn't so much fun it is a lot of fun to do better than meat and that's OK bully them that. Look at these beautiful they aren't eager to yelling yeah and it's just perfectly that wrote the song I just under the money and they learned to cook too they feel so grown up they had GRE it is it really isn't it delicious and it's all natural. OK so what now is really known for their trains train enthusiasts have been following them for over a hundred years there's a brand new assistant it's this new. I'm told mega track you can build this anyway you want you can twist the track and we have this cool way of attaching your vehicle's. She has the track it just snaps right on. Sydney now we have our trading. Wow I'm only because they sell its claims time you can actually think this anywhere you want a basic cost them. So we could have just how this happened and it it is really really able and kids are going to love it. And now I wanna talk to you about Star Trek so everyone knows the USS enterprise that has never flown before until now this is our air hots. USS enterprise which goes where no ship has ever on the floor at. War. That's it and run and I was covering the first one that's a little it's like your own mini drill bit yeah. That's remarkable and it endlessly by Atlantis set aside about why. I. That's really remarkable I love these ideas were you always have the best thing and I can't believe we have to wait too Christmas you do what it's worth the wait OK yeah I'm Laurie sacked. Well for more details on these toys let's check our FaceBook page W it and fans. Dot com and watching world news now I'm. You wanna try this one hang.

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{"id":36993631,"title":"Early Holiday Toys Preview","duration":"4:32","description":"Our Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht previews new toys and gadgets to give you some early gift ideas for the holidays.","url":"/WNN/video/early-holiday-toys-preview-36993631","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}