Early-Season Arctic Blast Hits the US

A deep freeze will reach as far south as Dallas, Texas, and Birmingham, Ala., with low temps.
2:34 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Early-Season Arctic Blast Hits the US
America's number one. And we do begin with the early season Arctic blast that is gripping. A large part of the country -- right a deep freeze won't reach as far south as Dallas Texas in Birmingham Alabama which could see below freezing Temps -- tonight. Snow is on the ground from North Dakota to Pennsylvania and this video just in from Erie Pennsylvania. And you can see that there is a good coating on the ground there already this Arctic front is bringing with -- the coldest air of the fall. Roads from the Dakotas to southern Minnesota are covered ice and snow went around the Great Lakes this morning to Pennsylvania and Western New York. The Arctic blast is dumping lake effect snow on a wide region this first snowfall -- a harsh reminder it's time to prepare -- just a little bit of snow like this gets people thinking. And -- so -- assault this morning here in bunches snow shovels. -- wealth of northwest Indiana shifting gears now from lawn care to snow removal after hearing predictions of several inches. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of all while also don't -- mentioned -- right. In Lexington Kentucky where the roads are still bone dry even with no snow predictions yet road crews are pre treating bridges and overpasses -- Is this coming year Revere. Just get are our people back. Even as far south as North Carolina where there are frost warnings so many people are ordering wood for their fireplaces. Some companies can barely keep up with the demand employees are working ten hour days. And up -- put enormous putter the ball to gobble more tree right now -- the -- Via high demand because I got that right thing we're gonna have a really bad -- -- And. Need a firewood all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico by tonight. Meteorologist Jim Hickey joins us now with what we can expect good morning -- him. Good morning Robin Diana an Arctic air mass continues to surge into the north and east as we get through these early morning hours temperatures only falling as a result we're seeing some light snow is well. To relations -- -- except near the lakes here at its lake enhancement. And you -- -- some heavier accumulations now -- temperature concerned. And cold this morning across the northern plains and midwest falling to three in Bismarck eleven as -- -- out the door Minneapolis ten in -- Called the northeast you're too many spots down into the twenties -- Diana. Back to --

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{"id":20859751,"title":"Early-Season Arctic Blast Hits the US","duration":"2:34","description":"A deep freeze will reach as far south as Dallas, Texas, and Birmingham, Ala., with low temps.","url":"/WNN/video/early-season-arctic-blast-hits-us-20859751","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}