Educational Toys from Toy Insider Mom

ABC News' Rob Nelson gets a visit from "Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht.
4:53 | 11/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Educational Toys from Toy Insider Mom
Welcome back everybody -- of course parents are always looking for a way to make learning fun. We have some new educational toys that could be a big help -- that. Laurie -- -- toy insider mom and co publisher of the toy insider has a lot of examples good morning way thanks for being vacuumed a treasure trauma staff and. I did it get like a little sponges I think a -- it's called steep -- learning so when the couple now learning they don't even -- -- having so much fun so. Jump and jump in and -- That little one. Eight discovery kids to introduction to colored animals to classical music so -- kit comes with a picture. A musical CD and eighteen -- this is and that resume (%expletive) zoo animals and great you know -- -- -- They may Adam they could make -- real that's. -- matches either -- it to be rewarded with a great saw some lessons about an article. I'm alpha east these aren't really here is a leather upper case similar case -- And I. Only half our box Bucs took up to every letter written letter has its own personality it's a little story new take on the ABC. -- -- -- They can never start teaching that. And money management teams and that is for sure this if I love -- as well eighteen advocates have -- really ATM card. They put in the slot they actually have to put -- There and their -- and they put -- yeah. -- nobody is making -- and absent that it's shaping the modern day he did you know. -- that is have come a long way look at this -- this is the inspired TI spy. So what you're looking at as a -- -- -- you can decide -- -- -- down looks up. Start with kids in middle school it'll take them all the way through college this is the only -- you never have to make another inventors and everything let's look at that. Going to school and how -- -- alright okay so it is habits -- these -- personality so. -- our preppy girl she's really if you didn't see she dresses that way. Of course there's a skating Garland artsy girls it just like -- -- when they -- exactly. You know after school for. A hundred here is next year. I'm definitely going to brownies and Girl Scouts and now they can have their -- ever friends brownies Girl -- and easiest but that everybody loves the -- -- -- -- -- right. He's -- the cookies -- now out. Let me just what this means -- can tell so what hugely popular a popular on the huge fan I've been and I -- any act reading it's just a great investment Wear them. But I am so impressed with how they're lightning. That backpack. Look at the books I just took them off and I that they don't that is how bad but the heavy debt settlement that -- so what's -- isn't. Help the kids can actually purchased under -- their textbooks on the until last page numbers well -- You know every your kids have -- that they have to read for school summer reading this and regular -- You can actually download those not out like hundreds of them that they're just break break for -- affordable and -- good at bat. Love and rockets and look at his -- when these -- and we didn't talk at that circuit. So this is snapping at circuit board. -- hot and it's really out. Learning to make a circuit board and programming a computer jumped zones out there about forty different -- -- -- you turned assign. And you can push a button and you -- -- -- Their programs -- -- gets how to put it together had a program and also to see what happens very cool and it would -- includes the likes. Fans out there that we can -- out -- and this looks very. Hank doctored red fall. Sell it so -- at cooking lunch at. It's about -- -- so I have settlement brain pattern that I pray mixed I have brain pattern and the brain. Activate it we can put it this -- we need -- that -- write it out of water and hopefully we'll get some nice bubbling action and here. But the kids have to read the directions to put this altogether medical chemistry lessons do we have a history lesson I'd hate -- zombies skin the electrical to let me see if I can just peel this off. The best part of that. In case you can smell it is that it is -- Yucky but yummy treat is adamant that. And that would an automatic -- There's a sense of subtle and always agree with -- combined the fund. And Hillary hasn't -- that's amazing how much the suffers from an the last couple years the technology after this is so -- thank -- always always thought I appreciated. And you can find more details about the -- she showed us -- our FaceBook page just check out WNN fans dot com you're watching world news -- home.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"ABC News' Rob Nelson gets a visit from \"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14871378","title":"Educational Toys from Toy Insider Mom","url":"/WNN/video/educational-toys-toy-insider-mom-laurie-schacht-14871378"}