Election Night Crasher

Anthony Weiner's sexting friend shows up uninvited to his primary night party.
3:35 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Election Night Crasher
Hard look into this -- with just a piece of news the New York mayoral race happened yesterday. And Anthony Weiner who has been in the news did not win the primary so he is an example right here -- -- -- -- Dead last and he is -- fronted Ellison. This potential fireworks that happened to at the very tail and his night so it is. You know we would call his sexting partner -- -- one album one of them. The most infamous of them that wonder she is most talked about them -- she showed up and crashed one of the is. Parties the part where he was expected to be Allen one of the many parties in the city and -- she invited -- -- is there and I mean scandal Clinton had absolutely this happened in midtown and so cameras rolling she's asking why are you here and she's as I felt obligated after being involved in this situation. And that she's asked whether or not she thinks that he should be mayor and as a chance. She was shocked -- -- Winner showed up -- after going through a McDonald's and trends that neighboring Jordan was supposed to be to avoid this woman they never actually came in contact with each other. And there he is giving his confession. -- well. All right let's talk about it accusing it big secret to talk show talks big secret segment yesterday Sharon -- Don't -- yes he led let's go a doozy that long ago and she just knew Ozzie but wasn't dating him -- wasn't married to him. She had a -- he winging with a certain Jay Leno the snow Honolulu. And that and that I had a feeling each week heat wave which is. -- -- -- -- -- -- That the Baghdad it is apparently was just you know little quick little hook up she's put anything. Couple months into it he brought around his real girlfriend love of his life -- and -- -- -- you know -- no scandal there. But essentially they became friends and they stayed friends for the rest of the time that was before she was hot and heavy with a. And before he got married is optimized to run up and up they were both -- at all and they had a little plane Lena Allen that very probably he we are proud of that okay. Cool stuff Tom Hanks who apparently adjourn and domestic violence who like yeah. Katayama -- Dave I think once again as Jerry so this is a legitimate case that -- criminal case he is serving on -- jury that guy is. Allegedly struck his girlfriend and he's facing a year in prison that's the maximum convictions for misdemeanor. Well Tom Hanks is there with other jurors he was interacting with other -- laughing at their jobs taking copious notes as the attorneys. You know kind of went through everything that was going on and he is taking this very seriously he will be back in court. To -- this is all according to TNT they broke the story and this is also -- Los Angeles that you can't go looking at every courtroom in New York City case he's your hope and inspire. And yeah. Tom Hanks for a little while. All right quickly it seems Demi and Ashton -- -- back together but at least they seem rather friendly apparently they were seen. Walking and talking and looking -- a cordial and amiable in the Burbank airport is according to TMZ. You know and the divorce. Being a bit contentious. Now it looks like there at least talk.

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{"id":20221615,"title":"Election Night Crasher","duration":"3:35","description":"Anthony Weiner's sexting friend shows up uninvited to his primary night party.","url":"/WNN/video/election-night-crasher-20221615","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}