Elton John Trashes Madonna

Elton John tells a magazine that her career is over and looks like a "fairground stripper."
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Elton John Trashes Madonna
Well now it's time for this skinny and -- John is back at it again. He is talking badly about -- sort -- become his favorite target remember when she. Eat eat to gain but her when she won a Golden Globe Award. And now he's saying she's just such a nightmare her careers -- over he told this policy magazine show Sunday night. On and he also said she looks like a fair -- strippers he's. At any end this is apparently -- about the fact that he believes that Madonna has been terrible to Lady Gaga. Yeah we know as the godmother to his children. -- she's -- she's been so horrible to got a but I think what is so interesting event Madonna who of course never shies away from confrontation. Won't take the -- Every time he's thrown these -- -- Madonna she says nothing in fact -- fairgrounds -- could be fighting words though. -- she still hasn't said anything yet so that's very interesting to. How war were Ellis novel Maggie veto likely he'd Hilton could put until put -- last quickly. Harsh about who you really directed -- -- there's something more than you're not -- the -- of god god and god obviously has a close ally -- John so cool. Interesting stuff there. All right of course -- the name to talk about now for what two weeks Michael Phelps -- that have all the -- I -- here this incredible athlete to the most decorated Olympian. All time and now we're getting a glimpse at your lady friend in. Don't read about five months -- she is she's a model of course she's a model. 25 year old. Megan rusty from LA that -- -- they've really been going after about five months -- She even posted a even do tweeting a lot of them really Olympics when -- -- -- this probably will get lost in your tweet has since I can't text. I'm issue we can't wait to spend time with you for real IX. Should they really get a little while and Stephen there -- some of the trials watch him and all that kind of stuff so. He's having just he's just having a good life right now -- make it to -- all these are good finally gave a glimpse of the first lady of the Olympic -- -- yeah. Well I love this next story it's about the mommy bear and and many of us Sharon -- she quit America's Got Talent seven seasons as a judge. She says she quit because NBC. Fired her son Jack Jack apparently was supposed to be in some new reality series called stars earned -- and then when he came out with his multiple sclerosis diagnosis earlier this summer she claims it NBC. Decided not to use images basically fired him as she says to the post I just can't be -- it's discrimination and it was badly. Handled -- -- -- she's willing to pay the -- get this she says that they can stop her from being a judge on another network for five years but she's still. -- Lousy don't mess with mama and -- -- good news here -- few weeks ago that Michael Clark Duncan of course made -- from the green -- big -- strong guy had a heart attack now we learned. According to a People Magazine that he has been transferred out of intensive care he is doing better. And again that gave credit to his girlfriend -- Rosa stalwart -- her from season one apprentice many many years ago. She's she's been taking good care of them again he's -- intensive care that is very good 54 years old serious condition. But apparently is doing a lot better so our prayers are with you Michael continue to recover. And you know we've been talk about Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart -- -- was coming out of that gay porn shop. Usually plays well we thought that. The rumors were that they were breaking up now they were photographed all smiles together during -- -- -- No new photo -- sure wasn't stage and sure there. Just love and.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Elton John tells a magazine that her career is over and looks like a \"fairground stripper.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"16945229","title":"Elton John Trashes Madonna","url":"/WNN/video/elton-john-trashes-madonna-16945229"}