WNN Mix 9-26-12

An angry ex-employee email goes viral!
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for WNN Mix 9-26-12
He's now welcome back everybody to that mix here. I so some people leave jobs all in good terms of -- there was a guy who worked for this media agency. In London -- as -- the door that's a lot of issues with -- -- also -- -- Hey have a good mind. Says about his boss he really made sexist and other bigoted remark saying quote took a female -- out for drink on the day. Interviewed -- them later took her back to the NBC offices that night and had sexual relations with -- -- in the media rooms on the third floor. So he -- for all this guy's dirty laundry. -- there -- way out the door and on top of that email now has gone viral. Five terms of people spreading it all around here about this guy's business again this was in London to the -- of course had issued a statement they wrote we are taking this issue seriously though given the highly personal nature of the email we cannot comment. Further review and ended their their response to not include. Denial of what the -- put out there but certainly. He they're investigating the matter is out there -- the -- have to air your boss dirty laundry like that any relevant now is. Plastered who knows where around the world. That's so that's that's where the accident out of shape -- disgruntled put all -- thirty that's out there like. I would imagine that -- literally. He couldn't. I'm guy thumbed kindergartners are tablet will be subject to national testing believe they're not -- -- are on the way including a test meant to determine. If five year old Lindsey children kindergarten are on track to succeed in college and future. Careers at least 25 states now mandate this but advocates say -- It's it's vital to test early and often because too many kids that falls behind in their first years of what school. -- opponents say that it. The testing put undue stress on the privacy kills two -- two -- plane and interacting and learning social skills and sending 200 event might my little or other tests done. Friday she -- to learn -- -- just -- I -- And -- I don't know what will liquidate just thinking about ways that the blocks and -- their test of that age but -- like basic spelling and it's really cool atmosphere actually -- how to read. Found the baby steps -- obscene watching little girl grow up little Carolina I met last week with the school. Also David Blaine of course he had been restaurant -- sources that mr. I had master illusionist David Blaine check out this video he's gonna do something here in New York next week this is his latest on. He's literally stand between two electrodes and -- Million -- to flow. Through his grounded body if he gets out. So -- since a wave moves at all because literally stop this horrible things have extreme. On the Internet one million -- -- surged to his body nonstop for 72. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you give me a million votes including getting charged up for that one and good luck -- -- managed to balance -- --

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{"id":17326653,"title":"WNN Mix 9-26-12","duration":"3:00","description":"An angry ex-employee email goes viral! ","url":"/WNN/video/email-angry-viral-kindergarten-testing-blane-david-magic-tricks-mix-17326653","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}