The Embarrassing Olympic Photo

Did the U.S. Rowing team show more than their national pride at the medal ceremony?
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Transcript for The Embarrassing Olympic Photo
Let's just get to this hot mess -- going -- here today at this photo became very big on. The web -- -- here this is a picture of the US. Rowing team had during their awards ceremony and the reason we're -- -- For that news special spot is because. The photo with -- because -- -- the door bell ceremony he was let's just say. The excited. During that whole. The -- everybody it appeared. Appeared to be that way but he got so old. Popular photo it's skyrocketed to the most the second most -- item already he -- had to go to web -- himself this guy. Federico rumbled to say this is me I swear it's not -- right. I don't know why -- ended up in that position but there you go so I don't believe him he's. Eight -- reentry donated by the humbler version of whatever primary -- it's getting me look since he was just happy he had the heart sport and yes -- -- -- it is hard to contain yourself in. And I we haven't really that is allowing videos that were the ruling seems still barely has two -- happens every go okay all right said he never gone. Well New Yorkers on the hunt for hot dogs this week may find just a little bit more than francs in several city -- this Wednesday and Thursday that is because Trojan. The you know they they make vibrator is now Trojan vibration. They are going to distribute 101000. By -- from cards designed to look like a traditional. Hot dog stands and it's -- to -- from midtown to the meat packing district about. That -- flood -- for about 11 AM to 10 PM it. 5000. Tried for area and 5000 pulse models. Are up for grabs and it's quite a deal because both products go for over thirty dollars retail and they're going to be. Free and I could tell -- I mean who's not gonna pick one up if it's right there and it's pretty just say you would partake. I work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Vivendi and you know it would be for journalistic research yeah yeah all your ignorance or follow up to this story -- -- I I would I would friendly and Don I. It's. Still registries are -- and he did you know science is there is it is all in the name of science here are magnets that somebody who's not -- gonna stop. Australia and New Yorkers it goes double battery is now. It real would you be sure -- -- Or whatever FaceBook comment just called that perhaps the single -- pick -- spot in New York City. I have other giant check it out seems around that you know it's a person combo with themselves and -- get -- -- conducting research it has. -- for what is also good business news remember what you gotta give your customers coming.

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{"id":16954969,"title":"The Embarrassing Olympic Photo","duration":"3:00","description":"Did the U.S. Rowing team show more than their national pride at the medal ceremony?","url":"/WNN/video/embarrassing-olympic-photo-16954969","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}