Emergency Custody Hearing for Usher's Son

Usher?s ex-wife calls for emergency custody hearing in wake of boy's near drowning.
3:00 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Emergency Custody Hearing for Usher's Son
And it's getting it certainly an update to a sad story yesterday we told you about ushers young son five year old. Then Usher Raymond the fifth fell to the bottom of the swimming pool in the singer's home. Got stuck by one of the sections at the bottom and the housekeeper tried to -- amount on called 911 finally with a contractor working on the house it was able to pull amount given CPR. And he's expected to do OK well now there's an update that's Mika Ramon Foster his mom. Has filed to have her -- An emergency custody hearing so. There's. Usher with his two young boys -- -- really sorry before is the sign up to -- who passed away last year after jet skiing accident. This has been such a sad time for this entire family -- his ex wife. And that's the latest the hearing is going to be held later this and later this week according to -- the attorney for -- Mika. The child suffered a near death accident after being left unsupervised in the -- of -- Grammy winner's home on Monday so clearly. What she -- to me is saying is that the boy was in a dangerous situation -- -- out of there -- is possible this does not mean. That to -- has been granted custody it's just an emergency hearing will be held to determine. Whether or not he will be granted custody she because it's tough time for that -- hope that the boy gets better and better to John -- -- uncle Jesse on full house that you remember it taking some went to Disneyland it is that date. But it is that coolest date ever I don't know if you remember her name is Caitlin to -- And she is the nineteen year old survivor. Who had a bacterial infection she -- into a -- a couple of years ago. And she got cut while she was inside the water and she contracted. An infection. That caused her to lose all of her win. She's recovering still obviously after undergoing an incredible amount of surgery one. Now John posted this attorney answer them but he -- he's only posting the picture because the Bentley -- to do this in the caption he -- I said no press. That the story it's a mastery plus mean Katie have a -- to Disneyland every disorder I did -- -- -- uncle Jesse by the way she has undergone twelve surgeries including mutations and skin -- to fight this in action. What a brave young woman -- way to -- John. All right Khloe Kardashian marriage rocked by my new going to -- claims as lawyers allege -- six week summer fare with Lamar Odom. This comes courtesy of the Daily Mail as well apparently they were just rebuilding their -- marriage following claims that they it. He had been unfaithful with stripper Jennifer Richardson now Lamar Odom has been hit with some fresh. Infidelity claims -- Star Magazine -- -- proved that the professional basketball player cheated on his YO boy Khloe Kardashian with lawyer. -- Polanski website also claims of pulling it has to lie detector to prove she's telling the truth hollow it well if it's surely -- He's he's taken a step up from -- -- to an attorney Heidi that's well put Diana. We'll leave it right there.

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{"id":19900993,"title":"Emergency Custody Hearing for Usher's Son","duration":"3:00","description":"Usher?s ex-wife calls for emergency custody hearing in wake of boy's near drowning.","url":"/WNN/video/emergency-custody-hearing-ushers-son-19900993","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}