Emmys 2012: The Jimmy Kimmel Factor

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado rates the host's comedic skills at the Primetime Emmy Awards.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmys 2012: The Jimmy Kimmel Factor
Speaking of hooray for Hollywood. Any award show is only as good as its host and last night Jimmy Kimmel showed. Why he's just as big a star as the Emmy winners -- of course the last started to read the -- get. It's difficult to be a Republican and Hollywood being a Republican in Hollywood. Is like being chick filet sandwich on the snack table -- -- -- just me but does it bother anyone else that President Obama said his favorite show is homeland. I don't think the president. Should be watching -- homeland for the same reason I don't think Charlie Sheen should watch breaking back. It a couple of -- lines there. Well joining us to talk more about Campbell's job as host once again our music and media consultant -- -- they'll -- not -- live in Miami. Sabrina how did Campbell -- courses as first time hosting be happy to give them a passing grade. I give -- a passing -- while he was compared with the other Jimmy Fallon to -- a couple years ago. Differences -- to be found a great singer and a dancer and all around entertainer but I if you watched Jimmy Kimmel show every night this is basically what you did. To stick with his parents -- this family Tracy Jordan -- Painted. Twitter. Being kind of fell flat. But overall it was good but the real winner is Jimmy Fallon -- -- Jimmy Kimmel sorry because this show moves to 1130. I ABC starting in January -- this is the first major stunt but the networks using to promote Jimmy to a much wider audience. Guy and I'm assuming -- eighteen to what you are people going to be watching this show. -- have watched the show tonight so tomorrow morning everybody talked about Jimmy Kimmel it's a real nice way to help launch. His 1130. Show come January. -- what -- -- you what do you think we're some of his best moments of course idea. Had Tracy Morgan their lie down on stage to try and get people -- -- and -- and. Well -- that was one of them he's drew strides is started Twitter trend it has -- I think one of his better moments was the opening monologue with the whole Botox thing as you know in Hollywood if -- you're nobody you're not -- Botox. Up and down so that was a real nice. Take off on the whole Botox -- epidemic that's ravaging Hollywood right now. And I think overall huge -- not -- Martin's -- -- -- -- this comebacks. When he lost Jon Stewart he was very gracious batters well. You use as parents -- is being escorted out real threat to the return. No they did not return but I was hoping to get what we gotta cut back somehow got up. But I thank you method is that this half hour thanks for Genesee -- Alice hunt FaceBook.

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{"id":17307688,"title":"Emmys 2012: The Jimmy Kimmel Factor","duration":"3:00","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado rates the host's comedic skills at the Primetime Emmy Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/emmys-2012-jimmy-kimmel-factor-17307688","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}