Enjoy Mardi Gras Flavors Anywhere

America's Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird shows off some traditional Mardi Gras desserts & drinks.
3:55 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Enjoy Mardi Gras Flavors Anywhere
Obviously we have some very serious news were about to bring you right now on this segment -- on the celebrations I'd miss the most about living in New Orleans. Is -- Mardi Gras especially the good food and drinks. So this is under a single near and dear to my heart Tim -- America's chief entertaining officer and author of that's entertaining is here to -- was valued too. Can enjoy the flavors of Mardi Gras anywhere you happen to be this carnival season good morning -- Morning rob corporate and the party brought you about it this is -- -- And after ten years in New Orleans that's not miss everything on -- I don't know tonight -- ought to do let's start out with a traditional yeah this dessert you tell me bananas Foster it is is I'm here is there on her suited -- better from Brennan's basically I had a heart have -- stick of butter goes it. -- one hand then a whole cup a brown sugar that's all right this could -- a lot so don't worry about that. And then a couple of shakes his cinnamon goes and to give it a nice little flavor the the view of engine you -- you -- as much entertaining these you do New Orleans is truly one of the great -- party includes cities on the party. Food they do it right and I is that the city for the -- -- that well this is cutting down let's go make a hurricane what are they dropped I don't. Yeah. But there's a picture of hurricanes very easy about eight ounces of Orange juice goes in eight ounces of pineapple juice. Eight -- -- sweet and sour or -- that goes in and of course we got his little southern comfort -- for this -- the -- what -- just a little and that's and -- -- -- -- -- absolutely somebody -- of that goes ahead and listen to her signature -- you create your own spin on this is a hurricane with a little -- it's been then addressed a little bit about going to be there got to get -- red color style is that if you don't -- party responsibly so they -- alcohol free version which apparently didn't -- -- center -- So but let me -- -- -- -- -- -- on this one yeah. Here -- does make one Thursday. Com or doing what they see in Orleans lazy law made an amount not really. Were there and throw well on the mountain. Move all while the artist Don mrs. boom -- -- -- him that is good aren't. Once -- sugar and butter kind of melted and everything else goes in -- A little bit of it Vanilla corps greenhouse that we'll be -- -- -- now Omaha on pedestals and mail at butter and banana like guy -- coveted it is the best dessert every man and always say that all problem but -- sports Bob horn banana sliced up the little rounds that goes in. Usually it's gonna cook up and of course we get a kick it up a little -- the southern comfort and air. All. Stingy don't know I don't think that's gonna -- -- where have all the flavor in there dome that said that's all -- to do it about two minutes this coming to a nice. Heavy -- with all -- flavors and at an importer of rice made Portland content if you want cool whip cream on top. I didn't pick it up a little bit -- -- below solid chocolate other than her. Civilians you are truly decade -- which is which is the spirit of carnival has taught us you know about the NBA sets and a famous place with the -- -- mom lets it be copy. Here's an easy recipe for at home basically I -- at by the biscuits -- already done. Role model that little bit of not a couple of three chocolate chips in there -- very little over what you do is give -- a little cramped. And then that goes into the -- 350 bake it for about eight to ten minutes he got her own big gays and homeland. Powdered sugar -- cocoa powder -- there this long we future free -- but hey it. What I love about all this that you -- in some New Orleans staples and put your own spin on -- which I love so this is -- -- we have the barricade that's most of the venue is jittery toffee. -- this is the night we fell out of bed to see that -- did not I do not write New Orleans do it right. Thanks again continue to find -- recipes on FaceBook page that he that it stands dot com. They Mardi Gras everybody we've got more. Right after -- -- the company elected to deliver.

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{"id":18473661,"title":"Enjoy Mardi Gras Flavors Anywhere","duration":"3:55","description":"America's Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird shows off some traditional Mardi Gras desserts & drinks.","url":"/WNN/video/enjoy-mardi-gras-flavors-18473661","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}