The new era of reality television

An upcoming Netflix show has the internet freaking out because it’s just so weird. ABC News' Will Ganss reports on the state of reality TV.
2:16 | 06/24/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The new era of reality television
If you're not the bachelor was wild okay from every woman in America. Knocking both get ready for your next reality TV obsession she and it's a move. I like your fan. It's sexy beast is a new dating competition in which single sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics. Putting their blind date chemistry to the task. Kiss this girl and I don't know if it's like. The trailer cloning intense online reaction. An eye on drugs yelled run and out of ideas now ha and headlines like what fresh hell is this Netflix what's going on. Contact content and content and just Smart reality shows don't cost a lot of money to. There are a lot cheaper. Then signing on some huge movie star to some big developments here and get these Tebow who posted them wannabe stars and somewhere hey. And we'll do it on the cheap. Sexy beast only one of several bizarre new reality shows set to begin streaming this summer there's a show called this coming to HBO Max. And too hot to handle bringing the heat to Netflix. Competition that brings about sexy singles to an island and didn't ducks their prize money if they get physical as the face of the bachelor announced that he is leaving the show. And the last episode of keeping up with the car dash that's just aired RD's new outlandish reality shows the future. Is the real reality and Inez. Well the car additions are going to be around long time after we're gone. Bleak for honestly great for them quietly on the amnesty is playing. Mark predicts a lot more Kardashians in the future even know keeping up with the card actions over sexy beast by the way set to premiere on Netflix delight when he first if you don't wanna wait till then. To get your reality TV fixed too hot to handle the streaming Ted day on Netflix and not I know you'll like this one. Tonight is the premiere of ru Paul's drag race all starts me. The best woman win could and I was about to gun in his bachelor shows but not root cause diaper and now or never riposte Jack right now.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"An upcoming Netflix show has the internet freaking out because it’s just so weird. ABC News' Will Ganss reports on the state of reality TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78460871","title":"The new era of reality television","url":"/WNN/video/era-reality-television-78460871"}