Etiquette for Wedding Guests

ABC News' Nikki Battiste meets with etiquette expert Myka Meier to learn how to be the perfect wedding guest.
3:38 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Etiquette for Wedding Guests
Yeah. Agendas are sometime in the next few months we will all be an honored guests at a wedding somewhere but. Be aware nothing give the Brad those wedding bell blues faster than when you commit those major breaches of etiquette. Some of us may sometimes you'll pieces and then when you get over served you know that happen. Yesterday we showed you tips for a modern day bride including. How to politely tell guests to leave kids at home we'll today in part two of our wedding serious advice for guess what is and what it's not expected of that. Here's ABC's right to be they can Batiste. This is a bride's worst nightmare. That token terrible and out of control wedding guest. Hoping to avoid my own ruined reception and bloody nose six popped over to New York's Plaza Hotel to get the wedding guest 101 from Vatican expert. Mike a minor if the bride to be allowed. Well every wedding has set token person or bridesmaid. Really out of control how do you handle I think that's the top of the bridal hard. He's let my brides need to be on their best behavior. You look we're. And are you OK. I don't. By justice Anthony just sing whatever your roll just don't forget pay attention to the one only wearing white. I think yes you want to steer clear at any light colors white off white. Even a light light flashed that could be mistaken instead of lighting for a white or off white. It's 2016. And social media etiquette has arrived. You know at Berkeley is so if the bridegroom on their wedding website where you can teach at the last formal invitation hash tag for the wedding. Pretty much means there there are open to allowing you to take photos and put on social media I think he'd never assume that's OK as a generally okayed to take pictures of bribery and blackmail me I am. I think nowadays it is as long as the clintons on violence and you know you are being respectful. Another tricky topic and Justine newlyweds. Today roughly 20% of brides keep their names. So you can actually put under what web site you mr. Smith and this is Burke. Make sure you never can gradually the Bryant only the groom after all he's the lucky ones for the bride it's best issues. There are table tips to afford down after four bites. Chefs like and to wrap your class action won't just reached the bottom of the Staten with your index finger Anders found he can use a third being if you but for support. And who lowered down on the stand Niko the more elegant it is. Get this dining etiquette says the least amount of Norway's you make better against you will be. And when you cheers or make a quick don't do that no clinking OK think. That thinking that just a re an icon pat and turning but by all means you better make some noise on the dance floor. We keep its east ABC news New York Post has learned something. That's what's been out of her path I think is a few little less aggressively than yeah. And that we have super sturdy not the not shipping that's just what a senior now we add at least anyone I know let's doughnuts and mash the same ship don't pass this package the new and don't get wasted. Don't say congratulations to the bride that's an Iran would have its gay weddings and stay out of them photographers way no one wants to live picture of your.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"ABC News' Nikki Battiste meets with etiquette expert Myka Meier to learn how to be the perfect wedding guest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38699172","title":"Etiquette for Wedding Guests","url":"/WNN/video/etiquette-wedding-guests-38699172"}