Extreme Eats: Pickles Made from All Vegetables

ABC's Paula Faris checks out different foods that can be pickled.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Transcript for Extreme Eats: Pickles Made from All Vegetables
Staying close and that people's -- until engine building maintenance to a big. -- -- -- -- -- I'm I since I've never heard that some people work that we'll get big guys. Well who doesn't like a pickle was just being you know obviously are the crispy tasty trees that is followed found that can be made out of. Just about everything -- and we are talking about pickles I wanted to bring them in for you as well -- know how much -- death. Which are not trying to -- -- the first installment numbers hearing this week that we did he can't get a lot of extreme eat basic foods take into a pole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I don't let -- finish out how to make pickles isn't anything we can't take off your typical -- and show you. Do you pick on me I got about video -- nice if you think we're gonna go figure -- -- -- You have about -- thirty barrels here is probably right here right now about thirty. -- different types musical idols building then makes -- difference in the pickles is the amount of on the theory for the pickle recipe has been the -- since 1910. When the immigrants came over to this country they brought that recipe did -- -- over here is the same -- has not been changed. Because of government that -- they go to -- wants pickles you want to -- -- -- what awards red so it's critical that people actually requests. All of our people Chris to a won't want to fall so people want -- -- what's more wonderful -- -- -- straight. What do you think I act -- -- -- what I would reduce that you like between what. Battle of who movement towards the hot they're if you look cool outside I do like these little hot -- -- -- If you could take a -- And bit different and then. Without it -- without a separate not a good good wars. I don't want you to -- -- on -- -- -- Did approach. Okay Al I am ready to make pick -- somehow this is that there's going to be a good thing what we have here is about what. Just -- just look -- when -- aired its full. Reporters fulfilled. I found -- -- calling them. -- the -- if you couldn't revive local Kirby cucumbers -- the -- -- Kirby cucumbers. -- of -- it's very little seeing a lot of news. We're taking -- pro government. -- -- -- -- -- We did what all. And he's going -- what about. -- rewards schools for -- Yeah. -- get this fight aids. How much one old school but. Notoriously. -- -- ripped up according -- what this city's black peppercorns. Juniper berries. Just sprinkle it -- I'm -- All of this miles amazing -- -- right you would have that have brought the remains hopeful that things that supported okay. -- -- That's. -- is the liberal and a healthy. UCL -- a floating out there flattened plus. And now you've just made a barrel -- you have to mix it up but I don't really like that it's an -- collected the -- either. Places in this was that those that keep the cucumber -- -- deployed for the coveralls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm no longer involved that's right in the added that. School. You looked right at home -- not -- vehicle was picked up with the Atlanta lover maybe I don't think he's got something here she felt just that. -- -- -- -- -- If you had already shipped nationally so that they -- you want found some. -- good I was -- -- you don't that is and I didn't aptly the crowd -- the -- that they've been soaking and that.

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{"id":17373179,"title":"Extreme Eats: Pickles Made from All Vegetables","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Paula Faris checks out different foods that can be pickled.","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-eats-pickles-made-vegetables-17373179","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}