Extreme Eats: Visit the Meatball Shop

ABC's Rob Nelson checks out a new chain of restaurants that specializes in meatballs.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Eats: Visit the Meatball Shop
CEE. -- limited. It's the best part of a spaghetti and meatballs is the ball. That's -- and and that could be why add new and many -- restaurant right here in New York. Is so popular and very very good as part of this week's series extreme. East side resident let me call shop a place that has taken. Meat balls to a whole new level. There was it's fair to say to you and dad are pretty passion -- -- Because -- bonds are actually are our number one patent. It and I grew up in New York City together as far as I'm concerned. If it it shows every kind of full of desire. You can do anything you walk off and conditions could possibly imagine you can make intuitive. Everybody loves me about me positive -- -- Pop up half an hour in the kitchen wall the wall. There's a magic ratio to meatballs and basically 2008. Any kind of -- before -- -- -- -- -- -- And a half a couple right. For this -- we're gonna -- like classic Italian -- we've got I got -- ground a penalty completely and wanted to put its attention that in their discontent are good that did. And -- I got to hurt though I like to just roughly chopped beef with the stems right in there and and it saves you time and everything and earth for Brazilian beef meatballs and people. -- -- -- That everybody likes that latest. Couple thoughtful -- -- -- but she's officer felt extra. So I'm I'm mixing it up any particular technique -- -- -- obviously a lot of people think you don't want it you want to speak to firmly but I completely disagree you wanna give -- a good mix. But you want to mix it officially it's your balls art are two swerved. At -- -- the -- Jerry still haven't read -- involved and you don't have enough -- achieve -- It's -- it's not because he's -- -- to take because the promise if you if you don't believe him they break apart in the knowing what broken bones -- from natural. Wars that is the worst. -- like the line him up -- that -- touching and even from. It would have let them -- -- level of service. Right now the all important partners in the -- how long and how hot -- it. 453 is the -- quick vote. All right meatballs -- out of love in this Miller looking good this is your classic this meatballs. -- this bad -- together all right we've got up it's a rustic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The next step is I'm gonna get I really -- legal they don't try -- to. It's bill over the side gradually get you again -- on the bed he'd get me. Secret -- -- of a great public Grayson is the very beginning today and should have a little bit of everything but what I was looking a little crush. Just make sure that the people spend the whole sandwich today that it all made up. Stick it in the toaster or not not -- -- editors do it fast start isn't veterans happened. In addition to pass this tax -- -- best. So happy just -- people so happy. Good stuff that. An area hotels -- King and all solved more humorous accepts that was limited to these things are extremely good -- the best -- -- living here in New York. It's incredibly reasonable prices here these guys are doing well they start that was like three. Stores haven't gone up to five so look that was when my favorite assignments every -- good -- meat -- like the -- said he lived here. Happy so go get some good price -- he did a great job and flashy enough. -- you know -- I appreciate -- Morgan -- of that for years he. -- perfected -- -- these guys are doing really well let's go to restaurant red restaurant to sit and reasonably priced which is refreshing. Here in the Big Apple. They look I don't know Continental's debt there's -- -- is just another recruit well you know why. Honestly the producers give us pickles and meatballs and come back they -- they they don't have any idea what to expect as well let me get -- It out. So we're gonna just apologize for any this is amazing and tomorrow. Tomorrow will you please India out -- time another place that is taken something simple and made it amazing. You're gonna need New York's -- of gore made sure he's doing the most incredible things with doughnuts. We've never seen -- quiet life. This so. -- We had the balls. To -- getting to the doughnut so it's all coming to got our wonderful culinary and biological lessons they --

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{"id":17382379,"title":"Extreme Eats: Visit the Meatball Shop","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Rob Nelson checks out a new chain of restaurants that specializes in meatballs.","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-eats-visit-meatball-shop-17382379","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}