Facebook: Who's Connecting?

A breakdown of those logging onto the social networking site.
2:55 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Facebook: Who's Connecting?
I doubt for the makes everybody. -- just jumped the -- time for the next and here we go FaceBook credits one billion mark active users there's an interest thing a little thing there. Percent of these one billion at least 100 million -- do the -- -- are not humans. Pets I call that any of these brands. Yeah so the biggest growth in membership but the fact -- in India Brazil Russia the Middle East much slower growth in Western Europe North America. -- -- -- population in the UK and the US are FaceBook members it's pretty impressive. Investors though struck -- deal with young people are starting lose interest in the site and I can tell you my nine year old daughter. Is not so impressed with Facebook's LA totally moved on what she never goes on to begin with but she says -- -- gets talked about talked about interested. But she does actually have a step down -- FaceBook and she's pretty excited about that already got one of -- 100000000. And nine units and. That's great and and talking here's another tidbit for you at home if you don't like us on FaceBook yet you have to please please like us on FaceBook we are about to hit 80000 mark. We have seven that the 79960. Land like so far so we were right there right on the door then we just want to get to -- 80000. Let. A thousand you win this patent -- your can -- way yes I'll see full loving crew here. Speaking of a loving -- father and son graduate together from college -- starts this is a great story this happened at morehouse. During enjoying. Join our senior and -- Joyner junior. Both graduated. And this -- 46 year old he was -- College student at -- -- 1988 but he decided to take some time off pursuit of career commuters. In computers he became the senior data and finance analyst in 2010 he decided when his son went to school. Heat she wanted to go back to school they never had a thin -- but they shared some of the same professors and they saw there on campus more than once. The pair graduated together at the ceremony as I said president Barack Obama delivered the commencement speech and I have to -- -- to -- this one quote. Out of the residence at the presentations I was flattened some of your graduating cynical Friday some of your graduating magna commodity and some of -- I now aren't just graduating thank you -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Thank you president that's our about a -- that partly. Listen -- this. Moral issues are leading banks to refuse porn stars this is true -- to ports are being turned away by banks because -- moral issues. Several adult entertainment starts have been rejected by their major banks and a lawsuit will now decide whether such decisions are -- discriminatory. Four not found discriminatory let me get into it for what sort of running out of time but I will tell you to hard luck case. That is -- -- he stole from the -- that it had to get up outlets ridiculous I mean who cares only their legal take their money away.

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{"id":19215681,"title":"Facebook: Who's Connecting?","duration":"2:55","description":"A breakdown of those logging onto the social networking site.","url":"/WNN/video/facebook-connecting-19215681","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}