Fall Means a New Television Season

Music & Media Consultant Bruno Del Granado gives the highlights of the new TV season.
3:00 | 09/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fall Means a New Television Season
AppleTV season is upon us and there are welcome new shows to check out joining us now talk about this year's lineup is ABC music and media consultant Bruno -- -- Bruno thank you for joining us redundancy of good to see you let's talk about some of the promising anticipated shows that well the most talked about show right now is called black list it's the return of James -- Can't keep your eyes -- -- -- owns that show he's enigmatic. He's snake charmer he complete every -- he's done on this show he totally steal that. From the rest of the cast. Premise is about -- broken government agents who comes back. One couple years later and says I'm willing to help you guys out of blacklist who who are the most wanted fugitives after the baddest of the bad exactly high -- -- action and lots that the show is on Mondays at 10 PM on NBC it's going to be a real smash what else is looking good. Well ABC has a tremendous potential. With marbles agency shield this ought to be interest rates usually your -- is just -- and it's based on the film agent Paulson comes back. -- levels are handling this crucial step in to. I'm happy doing. Because -- tell you what superheroes can't go wrong with its movie TV they intend to be good and I don't just given that the -- -- death but. Let's hope it's as exciting as the music and -- And -- modesty I was not a good we have another one on Monday on CBS it's called hostage means woods on the government and Toni Collette and the premise is very interesting to Syria light show. So the first episode is basically I'm Toni Collette -- -- they -- president of the United States of America. Dylan McDermott is an -- yet. -- Logan says kidnapped your campuses the president has died. While so -- not your family will die so we start with that premise on episode one. What do you think we're gonna go she had fifteen episodes in it's crazy intense stuff I want to know about Michael J. Fox showed -- that lets assume you have Michael J. Fox returns to NBC -- me he started NBC -- family -- in the eighties so he's coming back to sitcom on -- calls Michael J. Fox show plays -- Henry. A New York City and command who has parkinson's -- Parkinson's disease. After retiring and wants to come back to work and it's all in the script the 800 pound gorilla in the room is out there you can still shaken scenes they just did get lonely and didn't basically he said that it's based on his experiences after discovering -- parkinson's and and the sheiks and all the other stuff so everything is in the air he wants. Parkinson's disease to -- yeah. Hypnotized. You know he's -- still very funny is what does he still have that spark he's just gotten any other promising picks. Andy Samberg Brooklyn nine -- funny show it's -- -- copper which comedy show the last time he had had a successful top comics it was fun. So is everyone so Andy Samberg who who as you know is is a -- concern that live now plays bumbling -- Yeah opposite Andre -- -- -- strong ensemble and color debuted last week very strong ratings so far -- -- -- some duds or to put it nicer and suddenly less promising ones that are around right now I gotta tell you -- on fox is not -- up to be hit. This issue currently resides on the economy it's it's Seth MacFarlane -- -- Seth Green. You're right there you go exactly Martin -- this -- tremendous but -- kind of died first week out the reviews were. Terrible test and a lot of that writing in there's not he sees a lot of advocacy groups have been complaining about it but I don't think it's gonna see the the entire -- parent a once it's up to a lot of just a lot of good stuff so I'm looking forward to it thank you very much. Brings to our FaceBook question of the day we want to know what is your favorite new fall TV show and -- please let us -- Bruno. -- -- thank you so much for joining us to -- your expertise as always thanks.

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{"id":20353716,"title":"Fall Means a New Television Season","duration":"3:00","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno Del Granado gives the highlights of the new TV season.","url":"/WNN/video/fall-2013-new-tv-season-bruno-del-granado-20353716","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}