Fall TV 2012: What to Watch

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado has what's hot and not this fall on TV.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fall TV 2012: What to Watch
We are well into the fall TV season now on some shows are doing really well and others not so I'm not so much you aren't so join us that's not what the season's highlights and low lights to this point is our music and media consultant Bruno dale granados didn't look about -- -- -- best subject who -- out of all morning -- admission. Good -- we'll tell us any. We're sort of ended the swing of things now a month into the season the first two casualties already we already yes. Made in Jersey was -- first show be canceled after two episodes are kind you know very predictable drama about a Jersey girl with the hair that looks on the clothing. Working at a downtown Manhattan law firm wouldn't. -- just because reality shows based in Jersey do well in the ratings. As a means non scripted shows but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what exactly Oliver yeah it's kind of like an updated -- reports. That -- out what existed more did not -- of the other one was animal practice NBC had so much hope for this day and remember they preempted the closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics -- -- exit -- to air a commercial free preview of the show. They -- the monkey whose is the big star of NBC initiative ratings are going to be humongous. Once again -- -- That the dust. He goes to show that shows about monkeys don't really well I -- curious -- barely made it. Animals and kids at WC fields that. Yet now they ourselves that are doing really really well exactly yes which I say. Nashville which is on the NC march one of the biggest shows of the season everybody and about -- -- -- -- about it it's about a country superstar Connie Britton who is middle aged me. And she -- competition -- -- Kerry comes in. And really gives a run for the money it's it's Dallas. Based in Nashville. About the music business and that's a drama it's a drama. Powers Boothe who remember him from -- plays kind Britain's father who's conniving backstabbing guy. It's just has everything's -- is -- Down at his sentencing Aptiva yes we can't watch this on -- the -- I'm gonna watch I am in Lansing and that's what what else is -- Vegas. And Dennis Quaid it's a period -- holidays and I -- yes in the 1960s and first time in 37 years of Dennis Quaid actually headlines -- TV show. -- awesome acting from him and Michael checklist from the she'll play a mobster. Dennis Quaid plays rancher turned sheriff in the 1960s so it's about their interaction. Dennis seemed to be done much it was in Baghdad and and and really -- tremendous acting tough and -- is good night he lets me if he's done. Everything he does so -- -- everything all the great ones which is the one you think our viewers need to definitely make sure they catch ominously -- And I now think that works out well for us into these the thing we had stacked deck here no actually -- here and everybody talk about the I am I haven't any yet but it's. Hayden Planetarium was going to be so great and she's getting rave reviews as well everybody's saying this is the best -- Does show what the music -- that initiatives haven't been made and also it's because it was written by. -- quarry. Who is a writer. -- she's she's. Won an award an Oscar for commonly used her husband T bone Burnett some music producer Elliott plus we will check that out confederate world news now music and media consultant that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so much for joining -- yeah. Some which sounds much more sexy when you say no not by -- of course -- that comes out.

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{"id":17534334,"title":"Fall TV 2012: What to Watch","duration":"3:00","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado has what's hot and not this fall on TV.","url":"/WNN/video/fall-tv-2012-watch-17534334","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}