'The Family Guy' Resurrects Brian

The Fox comedy faced a backlash after killing off the Griffins' dog in a November episode.
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Family Guy' Resurrects Brian
-- -- -- -- -- Your fan you haven't seen last night's episode. And you don't want to know what happens -- spoiler alert that the mute button don't change the -- hit the mute button for everybody else well. Cold lol you remember what happened -- the family dog the beloved family dog got killed off in November 24 shocking everybody means to fans -- enormous. Gigantic social media campaigns. How could do this rusty and watch is terrible well guess well us. Check out this -- Health. -- Course -- -- with the -- going on here. Brian has the lives do we save them -- this all happened remember the very beginning -- at the little -- the diet regime I -- machine it was actually. Christmas miracle he wanted to save the dog and he did. The is that damaging. August folks the fans are not happy with this line -- you what I really wondered was did they planned this all along moment and. The writers want you to believe that they did but did they really or -- they bring him back because of the backlash -- -- to check this out on Saturday Night Live -- wouldn't get openings get right before they say live from New York. Actor who plays Barack Obama was up on stage and he was trying to give a speech about the progress -- the health care website has made. When all of a sudden it quite an unwelcome visitor came when I heard somebody who has. -- in the news quite a bit lately take a look. So what Americans percent. And some very -- consultant tomorrow -- and -- And while I can't say that I've been entirely. -- the results. I'll just relate to the website has been -- born again. So -- paradise -- time title first good news that album that. -- -- John let everybody know -- she had not been sort of flying in the face of convention well it's and it's beyoncé she's -- -- thousand copies. Three hours after the closing -- -- when Friday. So it's too early to tell the whole -- -- ultimately do but. He's off to a flying start. And basically she just said I'm -- -- For the south they are not promoted and yes she's beyond this other thing is honorable thing that's. However there isn't -- some backlash across the album contains. Some tracks -- -- -- drug can love them. Contains some profanity X rated lyrics -- it's working that some people it's called pornographic good thing. It's there are haters out there who -- really got our case saying we can't. Only -- -- didn't expect this review kind of thing you know. This is not you who you are you sold out -- in people taking shots at her for putting lives in one of the songs saying year exploiting your kid. I guess it goes with the territory but I guess -- also entering and send some newer territory may be -- with the the hard core aspects I don't know how hardcore they are running -- -- squeaky clean might be shopping for something. Clean always has a lot of -- that she was a little on the crazy side he's always been sexy and she's ever hit the fact that she's sexy. I love that she's included her daughter and some of -- videos because it's so pure and innocent. Kids -- up very.

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{"id":21232234,"title":"'The Family Guy' Resurrects Brian","duration":"3:00","description":"The Fox comedy faced a backlash after killing off the Griffins' dog in a November episode.","url":"/WNN/video/family-guy-resurrects-brian-21232234","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}