A Fan Gets 'Bootylicious' With Beyonce

While performing in Copenhagen, an excited fan slapped Beyonce's backside.
3:30 | 05/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Fan Gets 'Bootylicious' With Beyonce
-- -- -- -- -- In the bottom of the Cuban and she's the one guy in Copenhagen Denmark where she was doing -- show the video has gone viral she's up they're doing -- thing dance and sing and and some knuckle head out there. The viral video that's -- he take a look at the video I tell you what happened one year old -- beyoncé was. That's touching and the audience and at that point in the show she hardly broke stride -- -- -- but. Way to tell the man -- we'll have you escorted out right now all right the audience all she had she continued with a concert like nothing happened. And in fact the -- was escorted out. It's not laying -- -- keeping air cooler not rally on her part yet the show -- -- she's eleven now days have been attacked okay we'll get action amid an. Song yeah right yeah how well you're asked me can't you can't judge anybody's -- famous or not this is not Iraq Alice and their your significant other did nothing to lose their would have gotten won't tell me. Okay moving to Will Smith he gave a look at the different kind of tongue lashing to a reporter so -- is. He was -- he was in an interview for the New York magazine's vulture. And in the interview -- thought that it would be a good idea to ask whether or not. How will -- and saw themselves similar or different to that car Jack Sheehan and -- a little tit for tat between will the interviewer -- -- again and -- this is that this is I want to read it will basically said this. At the entire purpose of everyone and their families to be able to created a way that makes them happy famous. Almost an inconsequential byproduct of what we're really trying to accomplish were trying to put great things into the world China. But we're trying to become the greatest versions of ourselves in the process of doing what we -- sell the idea of -- or exportation. Exploitation or orchestrating the media. He's something even less than desirable for us. They haven't digging into the -- -- -- -- actually right for I mean I also think it's a clear distinction the Kardashians are kind of famous for being missing payments they're kind of yeah -- -- happy and he's not even occurred -- and right. These guys and militants and salads and irony. You want and they're singers and actors message to run. Everything will Smith's. -- -- All right -- -- the queen the former queen of daytime yeah he's forever queen of daytime talk show as sort of handed the crown to a new. Couple in this case she made a surprise appearance on. Kelly -- and Michael Strahan show. And she surprised them and also -- some really nice things let's -- let's. -- do you do you miss. Doing the sit down interviews and as I really don't listen. Listen you guys are the reigning king and queen are. Because I'm in the -- and I have other shows on the air that I'm not on. -- I still get the numbers every day guys that you guys -- I think in the. -- -- -- -- alien Michael and here it is I thought that. -- -- Diana -- the -- well rocket outlets around the corners is gonna give us a surprise next yeah. She's suggestion to you are a lot of have and we and I'll think about -- but the --

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{"id":19277382,"title":"A Fan Gets 'Bootylicious' With Beyonce","duration":"3:30","description":"While performing in Copenhagen, an excited fan slapped Beyonce's backside.","url":"/WNN/video/fan-bootylicious-beyonce-19277382","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}