Fast-Talking Woman Reads 'Three Little Pigs' in 15 Seconds

A new video shows a woman capable of speaking 11 words per second.
2:53 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Fast-Talking Woman Reads 'Three Little Pigs' in 15 Seconds
-- time for the next we've got a lot of breaks up to get to we're gonna start with a woman who can talk. Very fast civility be able to talk very fast is important to do we do it that this woman apparently can say. Eleven words per second as she says that doctors have done research on her brain and they found that the the part that controls speech operates differently than the rest of us. Take a lesson. It didn't -- that this kind of like yeah. -- -- yeah. Yeah. Imagining things in my mind what -- -- -- why he's so natural that made any sense for her name is Fran apple and she can read three little pigs and fifteen seconds in green. I don't know by buying it because how to we have we can't make up the -- the brain can't process -- at -- so that was a little pay. I didn't hear -- I don't -- it is the -- -- up about half what it was something that was really fast -- fifteen words per second but how do we know -- -- through no idea. So. Asking would you dog food. Now a pet owner apparently for thirty days is going on a dog food cat food bird food diet what they're easier she's -- the eating. Blue Berry treats freeze dried green beans carrots canned cat food. And -- live chickens you know that there's Salmonella. If -- Salmonella cat food cats and dogs can digest that the Cubans can't that's right she's -- it's kinda crazy have you ever tried this stunt. I know you're going because. You -- please tell me you don't have a video I tried it we really don't eat meat but their earlier Ali look at that video. I tried I was five and a half months pregnant. And I tried only wanted to dot you did your baby don't throw that lets explains a lot like where son Jack. I mean that we ought to but yourself like -- -- affords you might notice that it a couple of makes a gourmet dog food gourmet dog for the it was all vegetarian stuff with actually. -- -- that -- he says is really good -- you have to be careful up there with that -- All right what -- know our our ear buds are always of course getting tangled I don't know about you guys stuck -- in my pocket all the -- that now we physicists have come up. With an idea for how we can keep them on tape that was -- a graphic of exactly. How you're supposed to keep them basically. What you what you have to do is -- to connect the ear -- The -- together and put them into an audio Jack in that will. Help -- -- -- and that is so this up physicist he had his students checked -- -- he's a physicist is actually university in Birmingham. And a biochemist -- -- working on DNA and they note that molecules also get tangled in this professors finding suggests that nature sometimes -- forms in. I just want to say well -- what are these mice ear but -- back. And look at -- months -- well because it because I used -- formula. You check it out -- it.

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{"id":24462503,"title":"Fast-Talking Woman Reads 'Three Little Pigs' in 15 Seconds","duration":"2:53","description":"A new video shows a woman capable of speaking 11 words per second.","url":"/WNN/video/fast-talking-woman-reads-pigs-15-seconds-24462503","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}