Father Sparks Backlash with His Kids

On a blog, a father admitted that he has a favorite amongst his children.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for Father Sparks Backlash with His Kids
All right time now for the maximum take on parental issue. And sometimes I remember asking my mom -- Favorite came from families seven kids and why my favorite puts -- wanted to hear me. My mom would always say I love you all the same and -- -- her car she never -- I'm an -- -- does all the same I was the favorite. You with a favorite they -- the only -- Well apparently a father sparking a big -- backlash that -- after revealing that he -- one of his sons. More yeah father admits that he favors one of his children not a parenting blog and -- -- -- onslaught of dismay and anger. Buzz bishop he's Canadian radio host and -- blogger wrote post titled admitted he have a favorite kid. And he said that yes I have a favorite son -- I'm ashamed to admit that he pointed out that it doesn't -- the favorite child is five Gould exactly. Preferential treatment -- younger son Charlie -- -- what I don't exactly get away with anything because he's my -- you know like. I just like a better. Do you think this is devastating to the other kids and. Thanks so I think it's terrible I mean I have two children a boy and a girl. One is older women younger having the love as the singing I don't have a favorite I think pilots to settle at one driving more nuts than the other and things like -- -- -- -- alone on the same cool like that pulled in the Orlando FL waiting easy and I opened the envelope is exactly the -- -- minute dad -- -- it's tough one here heroes the movie tries you know consolation I don't like back. We'll San Francisco talking about consolation prizes is now considering allowing chased the nation's tiniest Michael apartments schools morning getting into adulthood -- are there going to be about a 150. Square feet of living space. 220 when you -- the bathroom. The kitchen and the closet and it's -- you know they're they're. Saying -- they're being held as a pivotal option. For single people but can I was gonna happen John -- that this economy they're gonna cram a bunch of good will and arrowhead village is expensive there I didn't know him very expensive and -- -- -- somewhere you're just trying -- -- well in Boston but. I mean you know hey we are starting you know you fresh out of school got my -- and I could live I could live and it absolutely I used to be enough has been trying to guess somebody's hand don't use 12340. I don't know why you need -- expert to tell you this but apparently. 1234. Work 10% of the time to give somebody ATM card 23 for ten times out of -- hundred. It's gonna work so. How going to thirty former death. Well apparently ten out of a hundred new. -- watching music and changing changes at -- last but not least you don't Ed O'Neill of the TV get access in the from modern family and also from mom was at the show that he was -- married -- children. What we have some pictures apparently was reading a newspaper that's right. On top -- married with children and it turns out he's reading the same exact newspaper check and a modern family. You know why tell us on -- because for the past fifty years they've just been reprinting the same news people from his favorite is gonna say present -- permission to use of photos and headlines.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"On a blog, a father admitted that he has a favorite amongst his children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17317193","title":"Father Sparks Backlash with His Kids","url":"/WNN/video/father-sparks-backlash-kids-17317193"}