Fauci encourages Americans to celebrate Memorial Day with precautions

New data shows states that reopened rapidly are in danger of a second wave. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:46 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Fauci encourages Americans to celebrate Memorial Day with precautions
This morning doctor Anthony county is encouraging Americans to go out for the holiday weekend. While taking precautions I planned to go out for nice walks and hikes global Memorial Day and I wanted to do it with care with a Mascoll. Darker RG a key member of the White House court of ours task force also says the public will see more of him. After he was asked Thursday night white doctors on the task force have not been briefing reporters on the pandemic. I think you know probably be seen. A little bit more. Of me and and my colleagues. There was a period of time there was a little bit lonely and are being out there with depressed but I I I believe that's gonna change. His remarks came hours after president trump to clear the country will not close during a potential second wave of the virus. People say that's a very distinct possibility of standard. And we're gonna put out the fires were not getting close to country we're gonna put out the fires it could be. Health experts have warned the virus will likely spread to the fall and winter and a new interview the CDC director acknowledges he can't guarantee a second wave won't hit the US. Pointing to the Southern Hemisphere's current cooling temperatures. And a spike in cases in places like Brazil and now a new warning about the more immediate future. According to the Washington Post experts monitoring cell phone data say areas in the US that have been rapidly reopening their economies are in danger of a second wave. Including Dallas and Houston parts of Florida's East Coast. And the state of Alabama. I think some of the scenes that seem only and television of bars and very busy restaurants those make me anxious. I get to be witness to people being extremely sick from this fire is so it's it's Syria asked. In the meantime some states are relaxing more restrictions Ohio is allowing weddings went up to 300 people beginning June 1. In South Carolina amusement parks museums and mini golf courses can open today. And youth sports can practice next Saturday Alaska taking an even bigger step. Skipping straight to phase sport totally re opening after the holiday. ABC's Cano went worth is and encourage. The mayor anticipates lifting all restrictions by Monday but even now you can enjoy a meal in a restaurant you can go shopping even hit content. So there is here they knew it never returned to normal as 40% of businesses say they might never reopen. Many Anchorage residents say they're worried about the annual influx that fishermen returning to the area who could potentially carry the virus. But businesses say they're ready to welcome everyone back. I think we earned it. Do I think businesses here earn. Opportunity to hold an earlier because we shot down. Well ahead of what other states. In terms of the need to show. President trump is ordered flags on federal buildings lowered to half staff in memory of all when a virus victims. The US stepped hole is approaching 95000.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"New data shows states that reopened rapidly are in danger of a second wave. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70831638","title":"Fauci encourages Americans to celebrate Memorial Day with precautions","url":"/WNN/video/fauci-encourages-americans-celebrate-memorial-day-precautions-70831638"}