FBI Agent Exposed in Petraeus Scandal

The name of the mystery agent is FBI veteran agent Frederick Humphries.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Agent Exposed in Petraeus Scandal
You're watching America this morning America's number of early morning news. We have new details this morning -- sex scandal that brought down former CIA director David Petraeus we've learned the name of that mystery agent from the FBI who first exposed the Petraeus affair. He is FBI veteran agent Frederick Humphries -- for sending shirtless photos of himself to another key player. In the scandal. He says it was just a lighthearted joke -- -- that woman though that would be Jill Kelly senior who claimed she was threatened by Petraeus -- lover. She's now been stripped of her special access to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. And the traces mistress -- -- well she's under investigation for restoring military documents including classified material on her computer possibly in violation of the law. -- for the first time President Obama has weighed in on this mess ABC's preview ala has the latest. President Obama walked into the -- -- of the White House first first post election news conference tackling the major issues administration will face in the opener -- I'm open to compromise and I'm open to new ideas the president meets with congressional leaders tomorrow both sides are expected to stake out their positions on the looming fiscal cliff. Which would see automatic tax increases and budget cuts go into effect if there's no budget deal by year end. While both sides talk about the need for compromise President Obama -- -- any deal must not extend tax cuts for the wealthy. When it comes to the top 2%. What I'm not going to do is to. Extend it further. A tax cut for folks who don't need it which would cost. Close to -- dollars. But house speaker John Boehner made it clear wealthiest Americans should not see their taxes go up I've outlined a framework for -- both parties can work together. -- to avert the fiscal cliff. Without raising tax rates for the first time the president weighed in on the scandal that led to general -- traces resignation as CIA director. I have no evidence. At this point from what I've seen that. Classified information. Was. Disclosed that in any way would have had negative impact on our national security. The president also blasted top Republicans for the criticism of UN ambassador Susan Rice. Over the administration's initial reason for the attack on the US consulate and -- -- He said they should instead take aim at hand. -- -- -- -- Naturally heated moment for the president they're -- -- a -- Live in Washington for -- thanks for --

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{"id":17724954,"title":"FBI Agent Exposed in Petraeus Scandal","duration":"3:00","description":"The name of the mystery agent is FBI veteran agent Frederick Humphries.","url":"/WNN/video/fbi-agent-exposed-petraeus-scandal-17724954","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}