Feds Bust Alleged Airline Gun-Smuggling Ring

Federal agents bust an alleged gun-running operation in which weapons were smuggled from Atlanta to New York.
1:31 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for Feds Bust Alleged Airline Gun-Smuggling Ring
But if he's in old and tired and it's in the top stories in this Tuesday December 23. We begin with federal agents and police detective saying they've broken up my gun smuggling pipeline. The weapons brought from Atlanta to New York on Delta Airlines jet. The baggage handlers among those under arrest investigators say the smugglers got around airport security to smuggle dozens of weapons in carry on baggage. It's the New York's mayor is appealing for calm after that shooting which killed two police officers. Mayor glove you build Lazio's says the city's focus should be on the grieving families not on protests for political debates police officers across the country on high alert now because of anti police sentiment. Holiday travel is shaping up to be on Macs for much of the country the major storm that has already brought heavy wet snow to the Colorado mountains is heading east. For the west it was a rock slide set off by that storm that blocked a major highway for several hours. 140 million Americans are traveling this holiday season. They're finally a woman is. In a car here videotaping a wild road rage incident along the California highway the other drive you're seeing here there woman and a truck claimed to be a police officer pounding on the window. The call 911 from inside the dark matter cop at the next day that the woman was arrested now facing. Criminal charges. But that's not the holiday spirit and they give more nudity governor abcnews.com on T date on the anti Hernandez thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Federal agents bust an alleged gun-running operation in which weapons were smuggled from Atlanta to New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27784343","title":"Feds Bust Alleged Airline Gun-Smuggling Ring","url":"/WNN/video/feds-bust-alleged-airline-gun-smuggling-ring-27784343"}