Females Make Up Half of New Astronaut Class

NASA names eight new astronauts and four of them are women.
2:54 | 06/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Females Make Up Half of New Astronaut Class
I tied up -- the knicks. NASA -- some new astronauts pretty cool and the women are really -- -- at this time. Say yep US space agency has selected a new astronauts and first batch of four years among elected countless first female -- pilots of the coming Estrada nearly two decades. A female helicopter pilot also in that group. Four of the eight and candidates are women Diana. -- today did you do it. I missed my calling we'll wait to talk to beat Estrada lives that the only reason I have a life I don't forget to these shores jockeys across that the only reason I'm not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- PP eight were chosen from 6000 applicants I don't they might go to an asteroid and land on won -- by 20/20. -- in the next decade of planning manned mission to Mars. So Tony Tony you're saying there's a chance -- become an -- -- before we land on the asteroid. Yeah Phillips sitting here is local I think you'd be giving up -- -- and then an -- no problem I've attended. Not gonna do what you have in the -- like. Seven and yeah. -- yet had no Italy's military although hire pilots just that why can't really strong and they're not tall. Here is the story that I think is going to go viral Natalie we're -- gone -- but wait until it -- America -- in China. -- -- a Twitter there's this image that has to do. Blown up over there. It is an end of the Harry stocking nasty stuff -- -- those are socking his. These are Harry -- that -- -- pair -- -- Gary from the thigh to the ankle but no hairy feet so it kind of -- -- gender to anybody's imagination. -- showed up on China's equivalent of Twitter and it says super sexy summertime anti pervert full leg -- here stockings essential for young girls going out. If you are in China and you are going out to and you don't want -- -- on the subway to talk to you. You -- hairy legs in the -- stockings and in Norway apparently fearing an. -- very well but OK I. -- how to bear I don't know that I want our kids shattered parents -- rock out that I got a pair does go and I'm not Schaible minding your -- out how to fight. -- video look at this a Buddhist -- traveling at a private jet. Check them out -- electoral violence violent enjoying extravagance. Things like the monogram -- -- -- -- there was the stylish sunglasses apparently this has. Thailand's Buddhist in an uproar over -- greeted the decline of the cynicism. For these -- think they are. That's what the general records Allen's office of national Buddhist buddhism was now he's reprimanded the -- were acting inappropriately. And not adhering to Buddhist teachings of simplicity. And -- -- being paid today that he just headed Heidi might be -- but -- didn't. Slightly in the -- defense of many of these things are gifts from followers but just. They are not skyrocket out like that even if it -- -- to put him right.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"NASA names eight new astronauts and four of them are women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19425524","title":"Females Make Up Half of New Astronaut Class","url":"/WNN/video/females-make-half-astronaut-class-19425524"}