Your Finances in 2017's Vera Gibbons has the latest on what's in and what's out in terms of your job, your vacation and even the gym.
4:20 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Your Finances in 2017
With 2016 so last year what can we look forward to in this new year as it turns out. 2017. Might have a few financial surprises in store for all of us and joining us this morning. To tell us what to stand and what's so passe at least that as far as personal finance growers personal finance expert Hurd didn't good morning to you good morning okay so. How is it that certain things are passe and some. Every area became news things that are in in them being there out so let's start with the what is out. For a 2017. Borrowers are out and savers are in. We had an interest rate hike in December were expecting. A few more three more in 2017. So. If you're borrow are this is going to cost you more sabres are going to be. The beneficiaries because you going to see those rates on the money market accounts in the CDs gradually got up and you're saying also that full time jobs as well in the meantime. This time Johnson Alex why. Weak companies. Don't want to commit to the full time position because of Democrat graphics yet there's a lot of reasons why the full time jobs are out and freelance economy is continuing to grow about a third of the workforce 55 million Americans working as a freelance or contract worker. That trend is expected to continue. In 2017 and beyond and I guess with obamacare and such and some people getting. Health care sweep through that well I think the companies don't necessarily want to pay for the rising Jack crosses a lot of reasons why this is actually happening yes but as far as a freelance or you can still get delivered to go onto Ronnie any security your borrowing Karen inning you know the flexibility to cut. And if you're one of those who were all about retirement a parent I guess a retirement is out and gigs there and so if you look at today's retirees we have over 400000 and working indicate economy as a lift driver as an inward driver. They're doing it because they need to set when until income I mean they're much more reliant on the supplemental income than their younger counterparts so. Getting gigs a big trying to 2017 and expected to continue. For years to come and so many of these big companies are benefiting from that the likes of Gruber ended and that's the thing. The it thing for you in this really like get that mean it they like the social aspect but like the flexible schedule all. Elect the extra income protect whatever happened just gonna wall going to be in greener don't know the sentence else outside. As you don't return earlier traveler as well I loved. Love vacations like all big sister and vacations out OK I know you traveled indications Stratton experiences are in the soap. First here's a thanked the hunt even though gas prices are projected to rise gas but is actually projecting were going to they're going to be up 36 cents higher this year verses. Last year and even though airfares could rise to as oil prices go high and stay high people are still taking vacations it's just that they're traveling. Differently OK they're not doing things a conventional way they really wanna. Taken the local culture immersed himself a local cause and roll up their sleeves really really making memorable experience 2017 is supposed to be the year of the authentic travel also as opposed to just sort of wine country not and drinking wine you're out back stopping the grapes exactly. Driven to download exactly might I'm telling you this is the kind of thing that's going on if you're going to travel to Europe are you are eager to Italy you want electronic pop star you know these are the types of things are happening by the Kurds stop them on the excellent stomping grapes into sake you know you just prefer that the spacing but apparently experience is it and OK so the jets out what's that why why would have Jim slide it's the end boutiques studios are and I mean that gyms are having a tough time because the boutique fitness studios are you really appealing to the millennial and we're talking about the soul cycles of the world then the palace like all the little ended it on here is gap aren't serious really hot get people really liked the instructors enact a social aspects. Like everything I mean this that's expensive these classes are not cheat but. Gyms are having a tough time because more of us are gravitating toward these boutique studious rich are continuing to get and larger chunk. But the fitness tie. And many of these kids are trying to incorporate some of that but I guess it's not working out as much they're making changes trying to incorporate some of the unique class that they can continue to dry and in new members and keep their existing ones happening colonel good to know what's in what's out at least from financial studying why it's tennis fans headed to not a New Year's happy new year to you. Throughout the reviews now.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"'s Vera Gibbons has the latest on what's in and what's out in terms of your job, your vacation and even the gym.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44671925","title":"Your Finances in 2017","url":"/WNN/video/finances-2017-44671925"}