Finding the Right Wine

From popcorn to fine wine, can you pick an expensive vintage?
2:51 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Finding the Right Wine
-- it's. World news now delivers your morning it's. Kind of a sad story here remain illustrate the power of the relationship between twins a little bit there -- twin sisters age 73. Both founded in their home in the south Lake Tahoe area of California apparently from natural causes of something you know no foul play here not -- know these were life. They said -- his -- they sang -- -- for being cosmic back in the day very social people but really became. Reclusive -- as life went on and hundreds of thousands even you know kind of gossip about the neighbors. In their area and all of that and -- -- the detectives who investigated said my perceptions one -- the other simply couldn't handle the really only at each other no other family. No kids no beds and they think they died in this house they have for forty years just within hours of each other Condit kind of weird -- -- You and they say yeah and her siblings -- -- in the -- and. You know one doesn't last long after the overdose of west Mifflin -- 73 so that conversation that you chose to self. Morning papers but the power of siblings -- So are you need to file for how have dictionary -- -- getting it is safe. Okay now Munich that lining up basically a lover of why a Canadian filed but. I don't know if you're able to really determine -- they didn't. Big differences between an extensive Weiner chief -- like to but chuck. Well apparently oh -- let's have a physiological there's this new report and PRC that researchers at Penn State say that experts can -- and many of us can't. They found that the fundamental -- ability of an expert is different our ability to identify new wants his and mine is also influenced by physiology. In our mouth. And -- so they were the experts are about 40% more sensitive I'm not sensitive which explains I had boxed -- in my wedding. Really the -- there to exit mission and how we Robert -- there of the wealthy friend and he -- model 400 Albemarle want you into. I think he doesn't Barre -- so of course I was -- thousand barracks like I do what admit that I really good to others in this and let the project but anyway so disease but you know -- -- -- -- on -- -- -- Caldwell in my world and he went to the theater. I can't had to keep. The Titanic got a story well here but there's a new study out here that actually says it may not be all just -- human error that led to the famous classic mission this heavy lifting and -- -- -- perhaps on the moon saying it was a freak. Lunar orbit about three months earlier before the crash that kind of shifted. Icebergs more in the back of the Titanic. I think -- was the closest approach on the -- to earth and 14100 years of calls and usually high tide back in January 1912. When the Titanic sank. And -- caught up could have -- -- Bastille the vice first kind of shift over and that perhaps is why. This is -- half that they didn't think it was poignant -- this. -- and still -- human never lets a mother nature kind of change change -- and --

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{"id":15866228,"title":"Finding the Right Wine","duration":"2:51","description":"From popcorn to fine wine, can you pick an expensive vintage?","url":"/WNN/video/finding-wine-15866228","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}