Fish Pedicures: Could Be a Health Hazard

After buying equipment, an Arizona spa owner can't give fish pedicures due to health regulations.
2:54 | 01/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fish Pedicures: Could Be a Health Hazard
And now it's time for the mix and of course I love this particular story because I love all things -- Remember little while ago these fish pedicure is kind of blew up on every night you're down and I haven't done it I haven't done it I haven't been able to find when in New York we've been enough but there was -- in Arizona this -- is challenging the state owners -- -- that you stick. The -- -- -- regulators are saying Arizona you can't do because it took some sort of health hazard because. These sorts of schools like fish have to give me. Disinfected. And sanitize and effective and you can't really do it. And I think of that video of Diane Sawyer doing it because Diane Sawyer she did it on the yeah I believe so I remember seeing that these things he did skin yet that get a fish pedicure and some out his owners as -- saying you know this isn't fair. I've lost a significant investment of about 40000 dollars as -- profitable and I wanna be able to give these fish tank here that is something a little it happened to god be little it does -- a little creepy. Creepy but I want to try try everything wants right. I think this next story that is wanna say the -- wedgie. Got a lot of offers a man arrested in Florida eighteen years old forgiving people -- sees -- prankster apparently isn't practical Joker look like -- record these things. And put them on line -- -- that said. Eighteen year old Charles Ross took the -- too far apparently on Sunday ended up in jail charge -- misdemeanor battery. He was arrested at the royal palm movie theater in Bradenton. Giving people in no kuwaitis and then reporting it he says it was supposed to be a joke. Some people laugh they -- numerous other people say. They can't see the -- They I would like that I don't think I'd like a stranger give me -- -- -- -- -- anyone give me away as you and I especially once you sure you're doing and what he's lucky to get knocked out some way to do exactly in -- big guy I -- demand -- -- -- says that to you I think -- feel so don't anybody any I want to -- it to be. -- -- Three the -- in. Well how about this and about big guy six foot nine. Start college basketball player. Com and -- amazing it was a wheelchair bound basketball fan at the games. On Saturday night it was the winds of south -- North Carolina State over number one duke and of of course everyone and and brought our budget plans -- got a wheelchair -- wheelchair got right in the middle he gets sent to Boston at ground big time this could really -- very happy well CJ Leslie six foot nine spots this going on he's a disservice to our best cookware and scoops him up. And basically saves his life I mean it was a it was a very dangerous for awhile something that we have a hero. Yeah let's hear of these I love this next door real quick to 67 year old Belgian woman she has to -- -- front -- train station thirty miles away in the course uses GPS navigation. She winds up 900 miles away Croatia without even like sort of going to lose I don't get that. Yeah China she said she just didn't quite question. 900 miles away.

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{"id":18226474,"title":"Fish Pedicures: Could Be a Health Hazard","duration":"2:54","description":"After buying equipment, an Arizona spa owner can't give fish pedicures due to health regulations.","url":"/WNN/video/fish-pedicures-health-hazard-18226474","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}