Flavor Flav Gets Arrested

The Public Enemy rapper gets arrested on an alleged domestic assault charges.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Flavor Flav Gets Arrested
-- -- -- -- -- Should we start play I play educated. Kicking off labor slave. Got arrested. Gays in trouble police in Las Vegas city entertainer is still on felony charges stemming from a domestic -- domestic argument with his fiancee and threats to attack her teenage son. With a night. Not a good thing the 53 year old former rapper and reality television star is that being held on or was being held on 23000 dollars bail the Clark. County jail. And we'll have an initial court appearance. Four today Thursday so -- -- -- I write about Justin Timberlake and Jessica BL -- you don't agree to this these nuptials we'll speak now or forever hold your niece because they're. Allegedly -- get married. This. -- in the south of Italy they've had bachelor parties -- it mystery wedding dress shopping sessions -- trips to Europe. And of course to get engaged ten months ago and it's all set to -- And so they're gonna consummate this weekend -- activities of party kicked up they had -- have a celebrations. And guests said that Warren. That any phone to any cameras will be confiscated so it is best to leave them. At the hotel but of course to try and keep this extremely -- passion he's never really been extremely forthright. About that relationship because he's in the so private -- and there's just best that she is so special have a private him that they want to keep that whole relationship secret one. Wager on -- whether -- -- -- Secret photos snapped. Although big ticket items -- Donald Trump. Go on Twitter last night and -- and and weigh in and and -- wasn't about the the debates it was actually about to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's recent reconciliation. So the Donald is not a bad apparently the 66 year old shared his two cents on Twitter and he wrote. Quote Robert patents and should not take Kristen Stewart back. And she cheated -- like a dog and we'll do it again just walk she can do much better just because he can now isn't coming from experience. He certainly has plenty of experience also that much on a lot of things and he has got a lot of opinions on a lot of things and what happened to forgiveness and second chances well let me just make -- -- that followed the advice he thinks he needs to give out. I don't really think -- He wants the advice he it was just my two cents now. Okay you know what I want to know what what -- daughter's name as she had the baby and her husband. Back in July and they finally revealed -- according to people. And listen to the girl's name. -- -- -- -- -- -- Argentina. -- -- Florence Thurmond bus and yes that -- -- name is ladies and gentlemen but they say they're gonna call her Luna. Faith in the lord OK but the origins of our name they like keep -- according to -- let's wrap it they say each name all seven of them had a special reason and meaning to her mother and father she has two kids from -- previous relationship with Ethan -- But Obama's father is -- -- to begin -- -- back in 1960 stories and a writer and academic. For the Buddhist religion but yes -- Irish are -- it helps -- Florence Thurmond buss and general Luna rockets -- happens. All right last not least America's next top model. Traditionally female thing of course always gonna accept some male models yeah staff apparently for almost a decade America's Next Top Model -- a female only contest. But next season the show we'll get an injection of testosterone. As the male contestants will be accepted for the first time when he -- and are all going to be in the same house and duke it out. -- -- -- any great drama OK do you watch now what I think at night just for the sake of right back.

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{"id":17505369,"title":"Flavor Flav Gets Arrested","duration":"3:00","description":"The Public Enemy rapper gets arrested on an alleged domestic assault charges.","url":"/WNN/video/flavor-flav-arrested-17505369","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}