Florida Boy Survives Alligator Attack With Only Scratches

A canoe trip between a father and 6-year-old son goes awry when a gator attacks the boy's arm.
2:39 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Boy Survives Alligator Attack With Only Scratches
-- last week what was supposed to mace on her father and son time down in Florida. Turned into a nightmare and the reason. The alligator. It's not usual for kids to have scratches from -- flights from dot. But how old scars from an alligator for six year old Joey Welch those are not -- news most of them like this is probably huge edge -- they are survival scars from the grip of an alligators -- little angels just bring. And -- -- can now. I immediately heard these shouts and these blood curdling screams -- ran down -- hill and I saw this -- that had his right arm. In its jaw. Last Friday afternoon Joey and his father were supposed to go canoeing in Boynton Beach. -- we wandered about it and stumbled to the water's edge. That's -- -- father heard his son screaming so I read on the water is about waist deep in them I had my son. Like this here. Because I didn't honestly -- the wall with the alligator -- anyone who don't get a bomb ripped out so. While I'm doing that and punch in the alligator on top of the head as hot as I could Joey was still stuck when a good samaritan rushed over. Good samaritan who had had kicked the gate. Underneath the belly about three or four times and then I guess the gate and decided that after it. Get him kicked and punched that he just finally released him and -- I was able to. Get my son in law. To shore Joey was then rushed to a nearby hospital remarkably with only minor injuries. Like Danny six year old woods he says he's glad his dad was there to help them out -- -- -- Mom believes there was an Angel watching over her son during that death defying scare by my son has an arm today why he doesn't have puncture marks. It's a miracle. I know why why tell he's one tough she's tough little kid of course -- -- -- I like this little -- we'll although in the in the old days they were like orange and pink -- I don't know what drier -- -- is not a scratch and that child should be he unloaded at you know in ten years when you remember -- happening he's charmed me he's one of these kids is gonna lose defy all kinds of daredevil -- that on the hospital where they took him in Fort Lauderdale called this a miracle. So you heard it I just want to emphasize the fact that this didn't happen gators roll around they turn in the -- to the because it twisted it right off -- -- -- development but when you factor in the fact that they do twist around and he's not so big. --

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{"id":19020412,"title":"Florida Boy Survives Alligator Attack With Only Scratches","duration":"2:39","description":"A canoe trip between a father and 6-year-old son goes awry when a gator attacks the boy's arm.","url":"/WNN/video/florida-boy-survives-alligator-attack-scratches-19020412","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}