Every Football Game Needs a Proper Tailgating Spread

Tim Laird shows off some tasty treats to get any football game off on the right foot.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Every Football Game Needs a Proper Tailgating Spread
You know there's one thing we love on this show it is eating here I am devouring missile tasty treat right here you won't believe what this is so stay with businesses segment. After my -- -- and going to be after yours as well as it's all about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tailgate and you have your favorite here and this is the chocolate covered bacon was -- delicious but we'll get to that -- just a second you have come with a full. Spread sign of good stuff walk us through you. That -- -- that was the challenge we want to take back -- -- can't have fun. And make it easy because it's all about watching the game not doing all the prep and the attention but we still make it -- -- are right for anybody that plays poker you know that this race Aaron Jackson opens I thought that's. My cocktail it's called up -- -- really easy basically it's a good glass of ice because it's not a part that we can use the plastic that's -- and AMP but I couldn't. It's actually do this involved what about announce budge Jack Daniels in there you're good and I what some -- your favorite cola and then here's -- -- jacks I just top -- -- -- about a half bouts. Jack Daniel's Tennessee -- That's -- pair of jacks now I've made years like this and you've got to continue to work and good we have the looters gunmen fizzles at the beach when there's a very light -- -- After interrogating. Ten mad money. Jack I think all this isn't -- less is that -- good stuff it is really diligent and does makes that drink in off. Jeff you'll -- is going to be our goods and just just to make sure I just wanted to. -- -- It is an aphrodisiac that Jack not say it happened here's a fun side I follow this and public convenience stores but it's actually. String cheese. Mixed with beef jerky -- all of why a man -- -- -- -- people they have put a hold together a string cheese beef jerky all of one. All around. Alerted the public needs a cold beer at our soft drink. If anything at all Martha referral group yeah. It's all literal and and that he's the brewing to put it together -- that immigrant mentality -- I'd -- -- another -- This is the number one requested recipe out of the tailgating section this is. Our buffalo check in depth and this is super easy it everything in their basically -- take 28 ounce packages of cream cheese rolled a ball. Two cups of chicken breast diced up -- look this is easy to get your -- -- just the way it goes and just like that. And then about eight ounces but chunky blue cheese dressing. Ranch either way I like the child -- blue cheese and because that's currently are good and they were getting heated up so doing -- throw into the hall. All the whole thing though he did not keep dogs in there there it is that. I'll follow all their holidays they have this -- -- -- -- your honor you can even put more but that's about it stir that up Eagles into -- and actually when you start up put in Japan. Put a little bit sharp cheddar right -- -- on top goes in 350 degrees spot when he minutes. This is what you yet this. You don't look at I didn't give us again as president I -- -- I can't get got to get that again dig and get the check and -- A man who can. All that's good for your entree. Here it is again. Pulled pork sandwiches in the like the new C with a sense. Fully cooked just heat insert easy fully -- because he we don't worry about -- and time and attention it's all about the game try to get this is Jack Daniels is all comes exactly does that comes back from the from the Braves and then it's always bring Jake Jack -- tailgate party loves to be there's a loyal -- -- You started as well that's that severely arrogance and his special friends if these oh yeah exactly -- go to your favorite chocolates here. Have a mom make your and chocolate covered bacon is that's -- right in their all the goodness so -- -- assault this week. Marlboro -- not a good mile I'll never food groups travel news and had -- -- -- what a way to end the tailgating party. Easy to do so on tasty easier for way to enjoy the game over their policies and it is great -- -- love affair continues to. I'm mark is my favorite rigid enforce you always do good stuff we will tailgate on rob -- football Watson's -- but the bottom the same as when he now better believe. Against an entertaining officer Tim Larry remember him recipes we've posted right there or FaceBook page W -- and -- dot com.

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{"id":17461089,"title":"Every Football Game Needs a Proper Tailgating Spread","duration":"3:00","description":"Tim Laird shows off some tasty treats to get any football game off on the right foot.","url":"/WNN/video/football-game-proper-tailgating-spread-17461089","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}