Review: 'Footloose'

Digital News Associate Jayce Henderson reviews the dance-film remake.
2:53 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Review: 'Footloose'
-- On Monday morning here on world news now -- that means it's time for insomniac. Theater you soft -- came in second in the box office over the weekend. That's right so what were some of the paying customers saying about it for that we welcome digital news associate James Henderson. With the details chase thing how was it thank you so much for having me on August 1 start out by saying that I'm an exception to some much more tighter clothing. More toned body. -- modern day music and dance this. Went to get anyone into the theaters frankly exactly the plot to -- movie is almost exactly the same as the original footloose. The finance offices around a small town. -- the list five teenagers who were really living their lives to the edge and it worrying about the fate of their children the town -- that ban against dancing. And Inter's -- warm all of his plays -- -- McCormick personally think Kevin Bacon's role and He challenges that lie all the way to the preacher himself Dennis Quaid. Let's just say the -- as one huge dance party and some people are saying this is -- renovation rather than a remake could take a listen. And it found that. The two oh yeah. We had not. -- -- -- -- -- Act. Let them my knowledge that's not what I think that's fine the last moment -- From -- we get. That -- its problems. I give this to -- -- -- So I'm also giving us -- three and a half stars might only thing about this movie as I wish that they added a little bit more of modern -- -- the plot -- Just to make it a little bit more relatable to today's society so -- they if they banning grinding that they -- -- at least that modern. Should behind it is it is dancing itself because they -- they worry that it just sort of -- teenagers the excuse to act like idiots and otherwise in jeopardy because it. OK so you know American assets and tickets at sixteen point one million exactly well known actors look -- thing you know you can't deny it -- -- -- -- I can't in the yep and just a fun facts -- can it warm mauled to as the lead He it was also Justin Timberlake is back up dancer. Ginny until -- half is also the sister Derrick -- on Dancing With The Stars so very talented people -- studied dance. -- when Lyndon season is now -- six degrees of someone. Why haven't the yes. There you go that's in the box office for their relatives have the -- can't. The.

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{"id":14752094,"title":"Review: 'Footloose'","duration":"2:53","description":"Digital News Associate Jayce Henderson reviews the dance-film remake.","url":"/WNN/video/footloose-movie-review-14752094","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}