Forbes: Oprah is Still the Highest Paid Celebrity

Despite losing money with her struggling network, Oprah Winfrey tops list for fourth straight year.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Forbes: Oprah is Still the Highest Paid Celebrity
High time to get jealous here because forces out of its list of highest paid celebrities is still number one on that list of one and only. Former queen of daytime Oprah Winfrey even -- -- income dropped. By a 125. Million bucks is estimated at between may 2011 -- 2012 she still made a 165. Million dollars -- on the list for the fourth straight to top the list for the fourth straight year in a row. Also running -- the top five Michael Bay producer and transformers movie Steven Spielberg. Jerry Bruckheimer and Dr. Dre. Lot of -- wealthy. Folks yes indeed she should be -- -- -- -- -- after that news and we want to update -- story that we brought to you yesterday that -- -- and possibly in some trouble after allegedly stealing some jewelry about a 100000 dollars -- from a friend of hers Sam -- well. She declined to press charges and after investigating. The Los Angeles police department decided not to press charges because they really didn't find anything. They did not find any sort of jewelry in the hands of -- -- or. Her assistant -- There you down there. -- want to talk about her for another layer to that be nice yeah. I'm also here -- Dr. -- -- -- -- talk show host Dr. Phil after -- -- still had his vintage shabby stolen from all the rest no way. On Sunday this far is valued at a 100000 dollars -- a black 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible that he's read the business someone -- cut the lock on the game winning and took the car again a hundred grand the value of the cars had some engine troubles but now it is all. Together gone thanks DMZ for that photo why they're -- are clearly also about to -- -- get that vehicle that Braxton. OK so his car's gone and obviously carries prince Harry's clothes were gone and that naked -- in Las Vegas as well -- radar online has a new spin to this story saying that there were drugs in debris and cocaine some are already rolling on -- according to you at eyewitness when they arrive in summer just tie and lead but the source said they did not see Prince Harry used container. Any other illegal drugs lot going on -- not -- -- man and a quick here Donald Trump and Arianna Huffington and a war of words Donald Swedish. Arianna Arianna Huff as it unattractive both inside and out I fully understand what her former husband left her for a man. And -- She responds then you've always -- what's under the bottom of the barrel. Please report seeing Donald there this woman on the bottom there's so these conventions bring out the best of everybody don't think Rosie and Donald -- I'll. Yeah they are truly taking it one of tactics.

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{"id":17102551,"title":"Forbes: Oprah is Still the Highest Paid Celebrity","duration":"3:00","description":"Despite losing money with her struggling network, Oprah Winfrey tops list for fourth straight year.","url":"/WNN/video/forbes-oprah-highest-paid-celebrity-17102551","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}